Choose the right pair of women’s sneakers from our huge collection of sneakers at Metro Shoes. Sneakers are always a great choice for rough use. Select from our similar collection like wedges, mojaris, casual shoes for women and more.

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Metro 36-9969-Blue-navy Sports Sneakers
Metro 36-9969-Grey Sports Sneakers
Metro 36-9973-Blue Casual Sneakers
Metro 36-9973-Chikoo Casual Sneakers
Metro 36-9973-Black Casual Sneakers
Metro 36-9873-Light-blue Casual Sneakers
Metro 36-9873-Pink Casual Sneakers
Metro 36-9873-Grey Casual Sneakers
Metro 36-9256-Grey Casual Sneakers
Metro 36-9260-Grey Sports Sneakers
Metro 36-9732-Peach Casual Sneakers
Metro 36-9732-Blue Casual Sneakers
Metro 36-9732-Grey Casual Sneakers
Metro 36-9257-Pink Casual Sneakers
Metro 36-9257-Blue-navy Casual Sneakers
Metro 36-9610-Blue Sports Sneakers
Metro 36-9610-Orange Sports Sneakers
Metro 36-9603-Pink Casual Sneakers
Metro 36-9256-Blue-navy Casual Sneakers
Metro 36-9256-Black Casual Sneakers
Metro 36-9260-Green Sports Sneakers
Metro 36-9260-Red Sports Sneakers
Metro 36-9260-Blue-navy Sports Sneakers
Walkway 36-4783-Peach Casual Sneakers
Walkway 36-4783-Light-green Casual Sneakers
Walkway 36-4782-Peach Casual Sneakers
Mochi 36-9978-Blue Casual Sneakers
Mochi 36-9978-Maroon Casual Sneakers
Mochi 36-9866-Grey Casual Sneakers
Walkway 36-9900-Pink Casual Sneakers
Walkway 36-9900-Black Casual Sneakers
Walkway 36-9899-Grey Casual Sneakers
Walkway 36-9899-Black Casual Sneakers
Walkway 36-9898-Blue-navy Casual Sneakers
Walkway 36-9898-Grey Casual Sneakers
Mochi 36-9869-Grey Sports Sneakers
Mochi 36-9869-Black Sports Sneakers
Mochi 36-9868-Peach Sports Sneakers
Mochi 36-9868-Blue-navy Sports Sneakers
Mochi 36-9867-Blue Casual Sneakers
Mochi 36-9867-Pink Casual Sneakers
Mochi 36-9725-Peach Casual Sneakers
Mochi 36-9725-Blue Casual Sneakers
Mochi 36-9655-Pink Sports Sneakers
Mochi 36-9655-Blue-navy Sports Sneakers
Mochi 36-9243-Blue Casual Sneakers
Mochi 36-9243-Chikoo Casual Sneakers
Mochi 36-9243-Grey Casual Sneakers
Mochi 36-9240-Blue Casual Sneakers
Mochi 36-9240-Red Casual Sneakers
Walkway 36-9681-Black Sports Sneakers
Walkway 36-9073-Peach Casual Sneakers
Walkway 36-9073-Blue-navy Casual Sneakers
Walkway 36-9001-Grey Casual Sneakers
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Women - Sneakers

Keywords: women footwear; online shoes shopping

If there is one shoe style that has always ruled the casual footwear scene, it’s the sneaker. Uber-cool, comfortable and chic, sneakers are a must-have for every wardrobe. Choose from the best of brands and get the right pair of sneakers for yourself, only with Metro Shoes. Online shoes shopping was never this easy!


  • Sneakers are primarily designed as athletic shoes, but are not worn as everyday casual footwear.
  • They typically have a flexible sole and an upper part, along with laces for fastenings.
  • The soles are made of rubber or synthetic material, and the uppers are made of canvas, leather or synthetic materials.


  • Low top sneakers are known for their ankle-baring minimal design. Perfect for semi-formal occasions when you need a funky accessory for your formal attire.
  • High top sneakers are an important element of the athleisure trend running hot right now. Pair them with loose joggers, shorts, and sporty skirts for a cool look.
  • Slip on sneakers are stylish, comfortable and available in a variety of designs. Opt for these when you want a pretty look without pain.


  • When it comes to women’s footwear, white sneakers are the go-to shoes for a casual event. Paired with skirts, palazzos, dresses and denims, the overall look of the outfit is heightened with white sneakers.
  • If you’re in the mood for a bold look, opt for reds, greens, pink and yellow sneakers. A pop of colour to set an instant statement.
  • If classic is your choice, then you can’t be wrong with blue, or black sneakers.



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