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Skechers 186-86991-Purple-multi Casual Sandals
Skechers 186-86991-Black-multi Casual Sandals
Skechers 186-86982-Pink-multi Casual Sandals
Skechers 186-86982-Rani-pink Casual Sandals
Skechers 186-85400-Black-multi Sports Sneakers
Skechers 186-85400-Blue-navy Sports Sneakers
Skechers 186-83070-Pink Sports Sneakers
Skechers 186-81541-Black-multi Sports Sneakers
Skechers 186-81516-Light-pink Sports Sneakers
Skechers 186-81516-Black-multi Sports Sneakers
Skechers 186-81301-Pink Sports Sneakers
Skechers 186-20160-Silver Sports Sneakers
Skechers 186-98197-Black-grey Sports Sneakers
Skechers 186-98197-Olive Sports Sneakers
Skechers 186-97894-Blue-multi Sports Sneakers
Skechers 186-97894-Black-multi Sports Sneakers
Skechers 186-97891-Black Sports Sneakers
Skechers 186-97874-Blue-multi Sports Sneakers
Skechers 186-97874-Blue-navy Sports Sneakers
Skechers 186-97869-Black Sports Sneakers
Skechers 186-97861-Black Sports Sneakers
Skechers 186-97774-Blue-navy Sports Sneakers
Skechers 186-97757-Blue-multi Sports Sneakers
Skechers 186-97757-Black-pat Sports Sneakers
Skechers 186-93520-Blue-multi Sports Sneakers
Skechers 186-93520-White Sports Sneakers
Skechers 186-92271-Black Casual Slippers
Skechers 186-90740-Blue-navy Sports Sneakers
Skechers 186-81546-Blue-navy Sports Sneakers
Skechers 239-41055-Black Casual Slippers
Skechers 239-40961-Beige-multi Casual Slippers
Skechers 239-40961-Blue-navy Casual Slippers
Skechers 239-32922-Blue-multi Casual Sandals
Skechers 239-32825-Brown Casual Sandals
Skechers 239-32825-Black Casual Sandals
Skechers 239-32772-Black Casual Slides
Skechers 239-32603-Multi Casual Sneakers
Skechers 239-31965-Multi Casual Sneakers
Skechers 239-31758-Black Casual Slippers
Skechers 239-31755-Black Casual Sandals
Skechers 239-31601-Chikoo-gold Casual Slippers
Skechers 239-31601-Black Casual Slippers
Skechers 239-31597-Black-grey Casual Sandals
Skechers 239-31597-Light-pink Casual Sandals
Skechers 239-31597-Black Casual Sandals
Skechers 239-31559-Blue-navy Casual Slippers
Skechers 239-23391-Light-pink Sports Sneakers
Skechers 239-23391-White-black Sports Sneakers
Skechers 239-16225-Turquoise Casual Slippers
Skechers 239-16150-Light-pink Casual Slippers
Skechers 239-15312-Purple Casual Sandals
Skechers 239-15312-Blue-navy Casual Sandals
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Skechers Shoes


Sketchers INC. is a lifestyle and performance footwear brand based out of the USA that caters the needs of men, women and children. Robert Greenberg, the founder of the brand felt indispensable vacuum between shoe style and its comfort. Thus he decided to bridge it with the incorporation of Skechers in 1992.  


Skechers sport shoes – The one liked by all


Sports shoes for women are often confused with chunky, uncomfortable and not so chic wear. This will not be the case when you stock up on sketchers shoes for women. Every pair is an immaculate blend of quality and style, fetching your feet the support it deserves. When it comes to Skechers shoes, styling is not limited to sports. Don a pair on joggers and t-shirt for that urbane and laid-back look. Unsure of what to put on with a nonchalant jumper? Yes, you got that right, sports shoes or sliders from this absolute versatile house! 


Footwear for men is a very limited niche. However, with Skechers shoes for men at your disposal, the world can be your oyster. You name the juncture and this label will have something for you. Chilling with the boys? Slip in sassy slippers from this house. Is your office right around the block and you’d love to walk the distance? The well-cushioned moccasin from Skechers will ensure that you are in vogue! Do you know who can be your best partner at the gym? Skechers running shoes for men! Although Metro Shoes has wide variety for running shoes for men for occasion like Marathon Run or Athletics sports but you can definitely go and check the Skecher sports shoes & running shoes for men.

Irrespective of how classy or trendy your tastes are, this shoe label has a product to suit each penchant and occasion. Though Skechers is the third largest brand for athletic wear, it is one of the most preferred amongst every gender of every age. Get a pair for every member of the family, to set new shoe twinning goals! 


Buy Skechers running shoes at Metro Shoes


This brand is known for releasing ergonomic shoes to meet the ever-growing and changing demands of its wide customer base. Keeping up with the latest style sure can be difficult unless you choose to shop at Metro Shoes. We have the widest assortment and the lowest price in the arcade to ensure that you are served with nothing less than the best. To make the shopping experience even more seamless, we cater to doorstep delivery and no questions asked exchange and returns.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) about Skechers Shoes


Why are Skechers so Popular?

Every pair of Skechers shoes is made with extreme meticulousness in order to prioritize the style and the comfort of the wearer. Skechers offers all types of footwear for all age groups and genders thus making it a literal one stop shoe shop. With stylish design options plus comfort & overall value that every Skechers shoe brings, the brand has achieved great popularity.

Are Skechers footwears good for your feet?

Yes, Skechers shoes are exceptionally good for your feet. Skechers uses memory foam technology, a pressure sensitive material to fabricate their shoe range. With time, memory foam re-shapes itself as per your feet to provide unparalleled comfort and support while walking. Furthermore, this material allows even distribution of balance, reduces pressure on the ball of your foot and has the ability to absorb unexpected heel shocks. If you suffer from foot pain or any podiatry issue, Skechers shoes are a must-have.

Are Skechers of Good quality? Are they comfortable?

Yes, Skechers shoes are of good quality and are extremely comfortable. This classic pair of shoes is made from mesh as upper material and memory foam as the sole thus guaranteeing immense comfort to your feet. Only material cannot fetch all comfort, fitting of the shoe also plays an important role. Skechers as a brand also understands that every foot is different and thus provides a plethora of fitting options for both men and women. This means that whether your foot is broad or narrow, flat or curved, you can always find a pair of Skechers shoes that is snug yet stylish.

Which Skecher Shoes are best for walking?

The brand provides the best walking shoes in the market. As all Skechers shoe’s sole is crafted using memory foam technology, you can pick any product and be assured of the best walking experience. Whether you engage in brisk walking or like the idea of long walks, there are innumerable types of Skechers for men and women and so choosing a pair as per your budget and foot shape is ideal. You can also select the shoes based on your style and colour preference by exploring the entire Skechers range available at Metro Shoes

Which Skecher Shoes are best for running?

Running is an intense physical activity that puts pressure on the feet and knees if the best running shoes are not worn for the purpose. Every Skechers shoes have memory foam as the soul of their sole. Usually, the wearer of the shoe adjusts to the new shoe, but with Skechers shoes, memory foam adjusts to your feet’s shape. Moreover, memory foam is a natural cushion, light in weight and distributes your body weight evenly so that you can have a pleasant and prompt run every time! Depending on your foot type, budget, and shoe style preference, you can pick any footwear from this brand and be assured of a comfortable experience.

What are the most comfortable Skechers?

The most comfortable Skechers are the ones designed for sports. Be it for Skechers for men or women, Skechers offers the best in class walking and running shoes. Besides, the brand also has a casual range of sandals and sneakers. As all the footwear styles are engineered with memory foam technology, the comfort is certain. You can explore the entire range at Metro Shoes and pick the one that fits perfectly as per your requirements.

Can Skecher Shoes be machine wash?

Yes, Skechers shoes can be machine washed if the upper material of the shoe is not made from leather. Keep machine washing as the last resort to make your Skechers shoes last longer. If you are machine washing your shoes, use a gentle cycle and use the air-dry method to make them moisture free. As the sole of any Skecher Shoes is made from memory foam, air drying for at least 10 to 12 hours is recommended.