Get the latest collection of comfort shoes for women at Metro Shoes. Comfort is always the most important thing for everyone. Being comfortable at most situation improves both the mental and physical health. You can also find similar collections like Slip-on, slippers, Kolhapuri chappals and more.

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Heel Types  
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Shoe Types  
Heel Types  
Heel Height (inches)  
Inner Material  
Outer Material  
Metro 44-1427-Beige Casual Comfort
Metro 44-1427-Blue-navy Casual Comfort
Metro 44-571-Blue Casual Comfort
Metro 44-263-Green Casual Comfort
Metro 41-3711-Pink Casual Comfort
Metro 41-3711-Black Casual Comfort
Metro 44-3742-Rose-gold Casual Comfort
Metro 44-3742-Black Casual Comfort
Metro 44-571-Brown Casual Comfort
Metro 44-571-Black Casual Comfort
Metro 44-662-Antic-gold Casual Comfort
Metro 44-662-Black Casual Comfort
Metro 44-263-Brown Casual Comfort
Metro 44-263-Black Casual Comfort
Metro 44-9787-Black Casual Comfort
Metro 44-9787-Rose-gold Casual Comfort
Metro 44-8592-Antic-gold Casual Comfort
Metro 44-8592-Black Casual Comfort
Metro 44-8076-Tan Casual Comfort
Metro 44-8076-Black Casual Comfort
Metro 44-1598-Beige Casual Comfort
Metro 44-1598-Brown Casual Comfort
Mochi 44-73-Brown Casual Comfort
Mochi 32-1248-Maroon Casual Comfort
Mochi 32-1248-Black Casual Comfort
Mochi 44-3883-Peach Casual Comfort
Mochi 44-3883-Rose-gold Casual Comfort
Mochi 44-3962-Maroon Casual Comfort
Mochi 44-3962-Rose-gold Casual Comfort
Mochi 44-3962-Black Casual Comfort
Mochi 44-3882-Peach Casual Comfort
Mochi 44-3882-White Casual Comfort
Mochi 44-3882-Black Casual Comfort
Mochi 44-8240-Blue Casual Comfort
Mochi 44-8240-Tan Casual Comfort
Mochi 44-8240-Brown Casual Comfort
Mochi 44-8240-Black Casual Comfort
Mochi 44-8095-Tan Casual Comfort
Mochi 44-8095-Black Casual Comfort
Mochi 44-419-Tan Casual Comfort
Mochi 44-419-Black Casual Comfort
Mochi 44-73-Beige Casual Comfort
Mochi 44-73-Black Casual Comfort
Walkway 44-9724-Maroon Casual Comfort
Walkway 44-9724-Tan Casual Comfort
Walkway 44-9721-Brown Casual Comfort
Walkway 44-9721-Black Casual Comfort
Walkway 44-9630-Rose-gold Casual Comfort
Walkway 44-9630-Black Casual Comfort
Von Wellx 292-36004-Rose-gold Casual Comfort
Von Wellx 292-36004-Black Casual Comfort
Von Wellx 292-35001-Black Casual Comfort
Von Wellx 292-33001-Brown Casual Comfort
Von Wellx 292-33001-Black Casual Comfort
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  1. Von Wellx 16 items
  2. Mochi 21 items
  3. Metro 22 items
  4. Walkway 6 items
  1. Casual 65 items
Shoe Types
  1. Comfort 65 items
  1. Below ₹1,000 6 items
  2. ₹1,000 - ₹2,000 30 items
  3. ₹2,000 and above 29 items
Heel Types
  1. Wedges 38 items
  2. Flats 27 items
Heel Height (inches)
  1. 1.5 14 items
  2. 2.5 2 items
  3. 1 20 items
  4. 2 3 items
Inner Material
  1. Synthetic 48 items
  2. Leather 15 items
  3. Fabric 2 items
Outer Material
  1. PVC 4 items
  2. TPR 22 items
  3. PU 35 items
  4. EVA 4 items

Be on the go with walking shoes for women

The quality of life directly depends on how active you are. As fitness is something that females work on a daily basis, it’s important that you have comfort shoes for women. Investing in the right pair of sports shoes is as important as the activity itself. Without pertinent gear, you will not be able to reap the benefits of engaging in a vigorous and lively regime. Do your feet ache every time you head out for a walk? It is probably because of an ill-fitted shoe. Never go wrong with sports shoe ever again, learn how to buy one now.

Guide to select sport shoes

  • Know the purpose:

There are countless sports one can engage in to stay in shape. Depending on the purpose, select a befitting pair of footwear. For instance, trekkers should buy a sports shoe with narrow feet, hard sole and cushioned footbed. Similarly, an aged walker can opt for comfort sandals.

  • Understand the characteristic:

Every shoe has a unique feature that makes it fit for the job. When it comes to running shoes, the footwear is supposed to be light in weight, surrounded by knit mesh and abundant inside padding. Before you jump in to make the purchase, it is essential to be aware of these technicalities. This is because enough knowledge can aid you to make a cost-effective purchase.

  • Mix up for sole styling:

Now that you know how to make a worthy buy, don’t forget to glamorize your look. Combine colorful sport shoes with loose joggers and neutral t-shirt to create a celeb-like look. Don’t be confined to wear sports shoes only for training purposes. You can effortlessly wear them on short dresses as well as rad tights and sweatshirt for an upbeat look.

Find your pair of women comfort shoes on Metro Shoes

Walking or sport shoes are associated with chunkiness. But not when you choose to buy from Metro Shoes’ elite assortment of sports and comfort wear. Every pair of sports footwear available on our website is a unique blend of style and gripped fitting. The soles are made to last and the designs are versatile enough to dash up your varsity kind of ensembles. This year take a resolution to get fit but in style! Head to our comfort wear section to take your glitzy pick!

Explore some trendy footwear collection such as sandals, ballerinas, pumps, loafers & peep toes from Metro Shoes.



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