Browse from a wide range of men’s ethnic footwear like mojaris, kolhapuri chappals and ethnic sandals etc., available at the best price on Metro Shoes. Choose the right pair of ethnic shoes to complement your ethnic look.

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Metro 18-1420-Wine Ethnic Mojaris
Metro 18-1420-Gold Ethnic Mojaris
Metro 18-1456-Bronze Ethnic Mojaris
Metro 18-1451-Brown Ethnic Sandals
Metro 18-1451-Black Ethnic Sandals
Metro 18-1415-Maroon Ethnic Sandals
Metro 18-1415-Tan Ethnic Sandals
Metro 18-1415-Black Ethnic Sandals
Metro 18-1445-Tan Ethnic Slip Ons
Metro 18-1422-Beige Ethnic Mojaris
Metro 18-1416-Brown Ethnic Sandals
Metro 16-444-Blue Ethnic Kolhapuris
Metro 16-444-Beige Ethnic Kolhapuris
Metro 16-444-Brown Ethnic Kolhapuris
Metro 16-233-Beige Ethnic Kolhapuris
Metro 18-9935-Maroon Ethnic Sandals
Metro 18-21-Brown-suede Ethnic Slippers
Metro 18-867-Brown Ethnic Jutis
Metro 18-981-Maroon Ethnic Jutis
Metro 18-981-Tan Ethnic Jutis
Metro 18-981-Brown Ethnic Jutis
Metro 18-981-Black Ethnic Jutis
Metro 19-3585-White Ethnic Jutis
Metro 19-3585-Brown Ethnic Mojaris
Metro 19-3585-Black Ethnic Mojaris
Metro 18-9935-Brown Ethnic Sandals
Metro 18-9935-Black Ethnic Sandals
Metro 18-360-Maroon Ethnic Sandals
Metro 18-360-Black Ethnic Sandals
Metro 18-262-Tan Ethnic Sandals
Metro 18-262-Black Ethnic Sandals
Metro 18-212-Maroon Ethnic Slippers
Metro 18-212-Tan Ethnic Slippers
Metro 18-212-White Ethnic Slippers
Metro 18-212-Black Ethnic Slippers
Metro 18-93-Maroon Ethnic Sandals
Metro 18-93-Black Ethnic Sandals
Metro 18-21-Brown Ethnic Slippers
Metro 18-21-Black Ethnic Slippers
New Arrivals
Mochi 16-628-Beige Ethnic Kolhapuris
New Arrivals
Mochi 18-1494-Beige Ethnic Mojaris
New Arrivals
Mochi 18-1472-Beige Ethnic Slip Ons
Mochi 19-6155-Light-tan Ethnic Jutis
Mochi 18-1494-Wine Ethnic Mojaris
Mochi 18-1479-Tan Ethnic Jutis
Mochi 16-642-Tan Ethnic Kolhapuris
Mochi 16-642-Brown Ethnic Kolhapuris
Davinchi 60-397-Tan Ethnic Sandals
J.Fontini 60-9677-Beige Ethnic Kolhapuris
J.Fontini 60-9677-Tan Ethnic Kolhapuris
Mochi 16-160-Beige Ethnic Kolhapuris
Mochi 18-1414-Maroon Ethnic Sandals
Mochi 18-1414-Black Ethnic Sandals
Mochi 16-295-Brown Ethnic Slip Ons
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Ethnic Shoes for Men

In India, post August is when the celebration of festivals and weddings commences. This season calls for Ethnic attire from head to toe. In order to kick off your festive season in style, pick up a pair or two of ethnic shoes that can complete your look.

Types of Men Ethnic Shoes

Originated from various cultures, some true to origin, some adapted by modernity, Metro Shoes offer a variety of ethnic shoes for men.

Mojaris for men – Recognisable by the flat leather stoles, closed-toe, sometimes pointed and sometimes round-tipped. They are the most authentic, handcrafted festival shoes. 

Kolhapuris for men – These sturdy out-sole shoe curl around the thumbhole providing a sturdy grip. They allow room around the heel, often embellished with craftsmanship on the T-strap.

Slip-ons – Having a similar pattern to Kolhapuris, the Slip-ons shoes stray away from traditional materials and embody the universal leather fabric. The style is slightly more modern as compared to its traditional counterparts. It has an extension that holds the head of the shoe at a slight angle.

men slipper - The slipper type is a mix between an open shoe and a closed one. It has small fissure that cuts along the side of the shoe, allowing your foot to breathe inside. Similar to sandals some have a wrap style, while others are fastened with a Velcro grip allowing for a sturdy fit. Both of them are mostly made of leather.

Brogues –They are close-toed leather shoes. Usually embellished with a more traditional pattern for an ethnic look.

Variety of Men Ethnic Shoes

  • Mojaris and Kolhapuris are the most ethnic footwear for men that is usually paired with sherwanis, kurtas, or bandgalas. The traditional kurta can be paired with a Nehru Jacket or a printed vest. This outfit can be worn casually as well.
  • Slippers, sandals, Brogues and slip-ons offer a more modern look. Thus, these type of footwear are paired with a more formal, put-together look.

Colours to Exlore

  • You can buy ethnic shoes in earthy tones of brown, white and black. These shoes can pull together your outfit. Some Men mojaris are also available in multiple patterns that can complement the pattern of your kurta.



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