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Metro 19-6513-Black Party Moccasin
New Arrivals
Metro 19-6463-Black Formal Moccasin
Metro 19-6420-Maroon Formal Moccasin
Metro 19-6420-Tan Formal Moccasin
Metro 19-6515-Black Formal Moccasin
Metro 19-6477-Brown Formal Moccasin
Metro 19-6477-Black Formal Moccasin
Metro 19-6460-Brown Formal Moccasin
Metro 19-6460-Black Formal Moccasin
Metro 19-6471-Black Formal Moccasin
Metro 19-5017-Maroon-suede Formal Moccasin
Metro 19-5017-Black-suede Formal Moccasin
Metro 19-6471-Maroon Formal Moccasin
Metro 19-6355-Maroon Formal Moccasin
Metro 19-6189-Maroon Formal Moccasin
Metro 19-6189-Tan Formal Moccasin
Metro 19-6176-Brown Formal Moccasin
Metro 19-6176-Black Formal Moccasin
Metro 19-6096-Black Formal Moccasin
Metro 19-6373-Brown Party Moccasin
Metro 19-6373-Black Party Moccasin
Metro 19-6355-Brown Formal Moccasin
Metro 19-6355-Black Formal Moccasin
Metro 19-6096-Maroon Formal Moccasin
Metro 19-5340-Maroon Formal Moccasin
Metro 19-6006-Tan Ethnic Moccasin
Metro 19-6006-Brown Ethnic Moccasin
Metro 19-6006-Black Ethnic Moccasin
Metro 19-6318-Maroon Formal Moccasin
Metro 19-6318-Black Formal Moccasin
Metro 19-6163-Black Formal Moccasin
Metro 19-6158-Maroon Formal Moccasin
Metro 19-6158-Black Formal Moccasin
Metro 19-6198-Black Formal Moccasin
Metro 19-5488-Black Party Moccasin
Metro 19-5172-Black Formal Moccasin
Metro 19-5340-Tan Formal Moccasin
Metro 19-5340-Black Formal Moccasin
Metro 18-9399-Tan Ethnic Sandals
Metro 19-4703-White Formal Moccasin
Metro 19-4417-Brown Formal Moccasin
Metro 19-5017-Maroon Formal Moccasin
Metro 19-5017-Tan Formal Moccasin
Metro 19-5017-Black Formal Moccasin
Metro 19-4417-Black Formal Moccasin
Metro 19-4703-Black Formal Moccasin
Metro 19-4057-Maroon Formal Moccasin
Metro 19-4057-Black Formal Moccasin
Metro 19-3857-Black Formal Moccasin
Metro 19-3455-White Formal Moccasin
Metro 19-3455-Black Formal Moccasin
Metro 19-3367-White Formal Moccasin
Metro 19-3367-Black Formal Moccasin
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Davinchi 14-1284-Black Formal Moccasin
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Moccasins for Men

If you’re looking for a relaxed formal look, opt for moccasins. Let Buy Metro Shoes Online escort you to its eclectic collection, which will make a smart yet sophisticated addition to your wardrobe.

Features of Men Moccasins

Liberal in its approach, moccasins for men help you design a smart-casual look, ideal for occasions that require you to dress down.

  • Light in weight, these shoes are a slip-on variety with no fastening system. Some variants may have laces but they are mainly to amp up its aesthetics.
  • Keeping up with an elegant style, these shoes come in leather. They are made from one piece of leather, with sole and sides stitched at the top.
  • These buy men flat shoes help provide an oomph of ease to the body posture on the whole.

Types of Mens Moccasins

Easy-going as they look, they exercise a similar line of action when it comes to the comfort of the wearer.

  • These shoes are ideally made of soft-leather with a flat sole. Plus, as mentioned above, a single piece tenderly covers the entire foot; an ideal option for people who find sturdy shoe materials inconvenient. These features keep the foot at complete ease.
  • Moccasins come in two varieties—soft soled and hard soled. A soft-sole is preferred in indoor settings or while driving. Hard soles, on the contrary, are popular in places with hot weather, or amongst people whose work involve frequent outdoor strolls. This gives a strong and gripping base to the feet, without sacrificing on its characteristic comfort.
  • Suede is a supreme choice, with its rich texture and a plethora of lush colours to choose from. Book these only for indoor settings as they are vulnerable to damaging weather conditions.

Colours to Explore

Moccasins manifest confidence by complementing the attire in a bold manner. They practice an equal relationship with the clothes that accompany them, never shying away from stealing the limelight.

  • Black Moccasins are a quick pick for relaxed in-office days when you don’t wish to wear an Oxford or a Derby.
  • Brown moccasins is usually approached for light coloured clothing. Brown in suede is a big hit too.
  • Ideally, keep a suede moccasin for an after-office party, and experiment with vivid colours like — beige, navy, cream, sage and terracotta.



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