Buy Ethnic Shoes for every occasions of the year. Choose the right pair of ethic shoe to complement your ethnic look. Check out other varieties of ethnic footwear collections such as kolhapuri chappals, mojaris and more at our online store!

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Metro 35-4616-Rose-gold Ethnic Slip Ons
New Arrivals
Metro 35-4616-Antic-gold Ethnic Slip Ons
Metro 35-2797-Peach Ethnic Slip Ons
Metro 35-2797-Maroon Ethnic Slip Ons
Metro 34-9832-Blue Ethnic Slip Ons
Metro 34-9832-Tan Ethnic Slip Ons
Metro 31-4751-Black Ethnic Slip Ons
Metro 35-4357-Antic-gold Ethnic Slip Ons
Metro 35-4357-Rose-gold Ethnic Slip Ons
Metro 35-4357-Blue Ethnic Slip Ons
Metro 35-4357-Red Ethnic Slip Ons
Metro 40-2136-Neon Green Ethnic Slip Ons
Metro 40-2136-Neon Red Ethnic Slip Ons
Metro 35-4355-Pink Ethnic Slip Ons
Metro 35-4355-Green Ethnic Slip Ons
Metro 35-3238-Silver Ethnic Slip Ons
Metro 32-261-Red Ethnic Slip Ons
Metro 35-3096-Maroon Ethnic Slip Ons
Metro 35-3096-Silver Ethnic Slip Ons
Metro 32-353-White Ethnic Slip Ons
Metro 32-582-Green Ethnic Slippers
Metro 44-4295-Antic-gold Ethnic Slip Ons
Metro 44-4295-Rose-gold Ethnic Slip Ons
Metro 44-4295-Gold Ethnic Slip Ons
Metro 35-4355-Maroon Ethnic Slip Ons
Metro 35-4355-Antic-gold Ethnic Slip Ons
Metro 35-4355-Black Ethnic Slip Ons
Metro 35-4316-Rose-gold Ethnic Slip Ons
Metro 35-4316-Black Ethnic Slip Ons
Metro 35-4298-Antic-gold Ethnic Jutis
Metro 35-4298-Rose-gold Ethnic Jutis
Metro 32-934-Antic-gold Ethnic Kolhapuris
Metro 32-934-Rose-gold Ethnic Kolhapuris
Metro 32-934-Black Ethnic Kolhapuris
Metro 32-652-Antic-gold Ethnic Slip Ons
Metro 32-652-Rose-gold Ethnic Slip Ons
Metro 32-261-Beige Ethnic Slip Ons
Metro 32-261-Black Ethnic Slip Ons
Metro 40-2136-Silver Ethnic Slip Ons
Metro 35-4076-Gun-metal Ethnic Slip Ons
Metro 35-4076-Rose-gold Ethnic Slip Ons
Metro 35-4033-Red Ethnic Mojaris
Metro 35-4033-Grey Ethnic Mojaris
Metro 32-912-Antic-gold Ethnic Slip Ons
Metro 32-912-Beige Ethnic Slip Ons
Metro 32-353-Silver Ethnic Slip Ons
Metro 40-2136-Gun-metal Ethnic Slip Ons
Metro 40-2136-Antic-gold Ethnic Slip Ons
Metro 40-2136-Rose-gold Ethnic Slip Ons
Metro 32-945-Peach Ethnic Slip Ons
Metro 32-945-Brown Ethnic Slip Ons
Metro 32-945-Black Ethnic Slip Ons
Metro 32-764-Gold Ethnic Slip Ons
Metro 32-764-Black Ethnic Slip Ons
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Hail the festivities stylishly with ethnic shoes

The traditional wardrobe holds a special place in the heart of every woman. Whether it is for a wedding or an annual grandeur, ethnic ensembles make the charisma of the event worthwhile. During such special occasions, one of the primary goals of a woman is to rightly match her shoes with her outfits. Put this styling clash to an end with an exquisite assortment of ethnic sandals from Metro Shoes.

Myriad cultures, myriad shoes

The Indian dressing heritage is a synonym for being opulent and royal. Due to the cultural diversity that exists across the nation, it allows women to engage in experimentation with their attires and accessories.

Sass up the saree:

Sarees are considered as nine yards of sheer elegance that brings out the best of any woman. To heighten the grace that inevitably comes with this outfit, a classic toe ring women slippers or a trendy laser cut wedges can be an ideal pick. Women who love the feeling of stepping into high heels should definitely go for it with sarees.

Go Kolhapuri:

Kolhapuris for women is versatile footwear. Irrespective of the solidity of the event or style of your ethnic ensemble, kolhapuris fuse in well with almost everything. Some trend-setters also blend the charm of kolhapuris with time-honored denims and short kurtis to create a contemporary look. To spice up the overall look of your authentic kolhapuris, you can put on a nose ring or carry a conventional potli with your attire.

Be Boho:

Going Indi-Boho is one of the chicest ways to embrace ethnicity. Taking the boho route means opening a plethora of footwear options. As boho is all about mix and match, right from mojaris for women to retro slip ons, you can stylize any outfit as you like.

Metro Shoes: The hub for folkloric women sandals

Ethnic clothing and footwear is all about being extra. Sometimes, extravagance comes with discomfort but not when you choose us. At Metro Shoes, the footwear is meticulously crafted to optimize both comfort and class. Every piece of our footwear oozes richness, succoring to enrich your dressing up game and ensure that your comfort is never compromised.

Whether you are hunting for footwear that makes a statement or a pair that puts your feet to ease, our extensive and stylish online catalogue has something for everyone. Start browsing today!



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