Step up your run with the latest collection of men's running shoes to stay fit and active all the time. Pick the best collection of sports shoes / running shoes from Metro Shoes. Shop from our other footwear collections like loafers for men, casual shoes for men and more.

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Reebok 238-4160-Grey Sports Sneakers
Reebok 238-4159-Black Sports Sneakers
Reebok 238-4158-Beige Sports Sneakers
adidas 27-8803-White Sports Sneakers
adidas 27-8459-White Sports Walking Shoes
adidas 27-8456-Black Sports Walking Shoes
adidas 27-8213-Black Sports Sneakers
adidas 27-8209-Off-white Sports Sneakers
adidas 27-4825-Blue Sports Sneakers
adidas 27-4824-Grey Sports Sneakers
adidas 27-3792-Blue Sports Sneakers
adidas 27-3781-Black Sports Sneakers
adidas 27-2718-Grey Sports Sneakers
adidas 27-2360-Black Sports Sneakers
adidas 27-1703-Black Sports Sneakers
Activ 252-9618-Blue Sports Sneakers
Activ 252-9618-Black Sports Sneakers
Activ 252-9744-Grey Sports Sneakers
Activ 252-9618-Grey Sports Sneakers
Campus 201-1108-Orange Sports Sneakers
Campus 201-1107-Blue-navy Sports Sneakers
Campus 201-1058-Gold Sports Sneakers
Activ 252-9881-Blue Sports Sneakers
Skechers 158-232048-White-black Sports Sneakers
Skechers 158-232043-Blue-navy Sports Sneakers
Skechers 158-232043-Black Sports Sneakers
Skechers 158-55216-Black-blue Sports Sneakers
Skechers 158-55216-Black-multi Sports Sneakers
Skechers 158-52649-Blue-navy Sports Sneakers
Skechers 158-52649-Black Sports Sneakers
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Men’s Sports Shoes - Stay Active, Stay Stylish!

The category of men’s sports shoes was traditionally concerned only with physical activities. However, thanks to the emergence of street style, they slowly graduated to the mainstream spectrum. Owing to their massive uprise in popularity, brands have been rapidly innovating new styles and designs to provide customers with the best of style and comfort.

To cater to all your uber fashion requirements, Metro brings you an expansive selection of branded sports shoes for men. From trendy sneakers to high-quality running shoes, you are guaranteed to find your desired match on our platform.

Range of Men’s Sports Shoes Online at Metro


Although sneakers were introduced as a sport’s footwear, their super comfy nature coupled with their effortless style made them a hit in the casual wear section too. These shoes got their name because of their unique feature of making little to no noise while walking owing to their rubber soles.

Walking Shoes

If you are someone who likes to walk a long distance trail, these men’s sports shoes are the ideal option for you. Walking shoes are lightweight and feature plenty of cushioning in the heel and ball of your foot. In addition, since walking involves a heel-toe gait pattern, most of these shoes feature a rounded sole or a “rocker” bottom to help you effortlessly shift the weight from the heels to the toes.

Running Shoes

These men’s sports shoes are specially designed to aid in all your running endeavours. A good pair of running shoes provide ample support and cushioning to your feet and help you avoid shin splints, stress fractures and other issues. Running shoes can be classified into five basic types - neutral, stability, trail, motion control and cushioned shoes.

To ensure optimum comfort, choose an option that compliments you. For example, if you have a high, inflexible arch or are a “supinator”, neutral shoes are best for you. On the other hand, stability is the best bet for individuals with a low arch or “over-pronation”.

Men's Sports Shoes - FAQs

1. How to Choose Men’s Sports Shoes?

Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect men’s sports shoes for yourself:

Understand its Purpose

The key to choosing the perfect men’s sports shoes is understanding the true purpose of the footwear. For example, if you are looking for shoes for your morning jog, opting for running shoes are your best bet.

Bag the Size Right

Getting the size right is optimal in ensuring comfort to the wearer. For example, too small size and it will not allow your feet to breathe, whereas too big a shoe would not provide the necessary support and cushioning.

Shop Online for Men’s Sports Shoes from Metro

Boasting of a myriad of styles and designs, Metro is your best bet to shop for the latest collection of men’s sports shoes. We are also home to some of the trendiest selection of women’s shoes, both formal and casual. You can also sift through our assortment of casual ladies sandals, gorgeous stilettos and more and add the favourite one to your cart.

However, that is not all! Metro’s diverse range coupled with a seamless interface and easy return policy makes online shopping a total breeze. So, elevate your family’s and your fashion game by shopping for the latest men’s, women’s and kids shoes today from Metro!

2. What are the most comfortable men's sports shoes?

When it comes to men’s sports shoes, comfort takes precedence. Choosing an option that provides unparalleled comfort is crucial to ensure optimum performance. Variants like sneakers, walking and running shoes designed with top-quality synthetic material are the ideal option for men’s sports shoes.

3. Is it ok to wear sports shoes to the office?

Although sports shoes are nowadays often sported with casual outfits, it is imperative that you choose one that complements your outfit. While sneakers can be paired with almost every outfit, avoid wearing chunky sports shoes, as they can ruin your ensemble’s look.

4. Can men's sports shoes be used for trekking?

Men’s sports shoes can be used for various sports and activities, including trekking, running, jogging etc. However, when choosing a pair for trekking, ensure that it’s made of a sturdy build to ensure that it does not break down in the middle of the trek. Also, opt for lightweight walking shoes as they will be the best option to help you climb rocky terrains and more.

5. How to make sports shoes last longer?

The first thing you can do to ensure that your sports shoes last longer is choosing an option from a reputed website like Metro. Other than that, here are a few tips that can help increase the longevity of your sports shoes:

Dry them out - Any sports activity would definitely cause your feet to sweat a lot. At times like this, it is important that you let your shoes dry out to avoid stinky odour and blisters on your feet.

Untie your shoes - Although it may sound trivial, untying your shoes can, in fact, extend the life of your running shoe by 10 to 15 per cent. Since forcing a tied shoe off can wear out the heel counter quicker, it is extremely crucial that you properly untie them.



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