Step up your run with the latest collection of men's running shoes to stay fit and active all the time. Pick the best collection of sports shoes / running shoes from Metro Shoes. Shop from our other footwear collections like loafers for men, casual shoes for men and more.

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Activ 252-9750-Red Sports Sneakers
Activ 252-9618-Blue Sports Sneakers
Activ 252-9618-Black Sports Sneakers
Gen X 71-9994-Blue Sports Sneakers
Gen X 71-9994-Grey Sports Sneakers
Gen X 71-9994-Black Sports Sneakers
Activ 252-9635-Blue Sports Walking Shoes
Activ 252-9635-Grey Sports Walking Shoes
Activ 252-9749-Blue-navy Sports Sneakers
Activ 252-9610-Blue Sports Walking Shoes
Gen X 71-9993-Blue Sports Sneakers
Gen X 71-9993-Red Sports Sneakers
Gen X 71-9993-Grey Sports Sneakers
Campus 201-1059-Blue Sports Sneakers
Campus 201-1099-Wine Sports Sneakers
Activ 252-9618-Grey Sports Sneakers
Fila 25-216549-Blue-navy Sports Sneakers
Campus 201-1109-Grey Sports Sneakers
Campus 201-1108-Orange Sports Sneakers
Campus 201-1107-Blue-navy Sports Sneakers
Campus 201-1103-Burgundy Sports Sneakers
Campus 201-1100-Black-red Sports Sneakers
Campus 201-1095-Black-red Sports Sneakers
Campus 201-1095-Blue-navy Sports Sneakers
Campus 201-1094-Orange Sports Sneakers
Campus 201-1094-Blue-navy Sports Sneakers
Campus 201-1094-Black Sports Sneakers
Campus 201-1093-White-black Sports Sneakers
Campus 201-1058-Gold Sports Sneakers
Campus 201-500-Olive Sports Walking Shoes
Activ 252-9881-Blue Sports Sneakers
Activ 252-9881-Grey Sports Sneakers
Campus 201-1075-Black-red Sports Sneakers
Campus 201-1075-Blue-navy Sports Sneakers
Campus 201-1063-Blue-navy Sports Sneakers
J.Fontini 14-1145-Black Sports Sneakers
Skechers 158-232048-White-black Sports Sneakers
Skechers 158-232043-Blue-navy Sports Sneakers
Skechers 158-232043-Black Sports Sneakers
Skechers 158-55216-Black-blue Sports Sneakers
Skechers 158-55216-Black-multi Sports Sneakers
Skechers 158-55168-Black Sports Sneakers
Skechers 158-52649-Blue-navy Sports Sneakers
Skechers 158-52649-Black Sports Sneakers
Gen X 71-9680-Black-grey Sports Sneakers
Gen X 71-9680-Blue-navy Sports Sneakers
Gen X 71-9388-Blue Sports Sneakers
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Sports Shoes for Men

The category of men’s sports shoes was traditionally concerned with physical activities. However, it has slowly graduated to the mainstream spectrum. Now, you can incorporate them into everyday wear as well. They add comfort alongside keeping you active.

Construction of Mens Sports Shoes

  • Choosing the best sports buy men shoes online is easy, if you just follow a few guidelines. There are 3 distinguishing factors to pay attention to:
  • Weight – Over the years, the weight of sports shoes has decreased. The aim is to make them as light as possible to facilitate easy movement.
  • Support – There are brands such as Skechers that aim at providing the best fit. The shoe should mould according to your foot. If it has a lacing system, it should be tightly knit to provide the best grip.
  • Technique – The groves on the sole of the shoe are designed to provide agility, grip and comfort. The outsole is more widespread whereas the midsole is more compact.

Materials & Colours to Explore

  • When you buy sports shoes, take a careful note of the fabric and material used. Most sports shoes use synthetic, mesh and fabric to construct the shoe.
  • This material offers supreme comfort and flexibility to the footwear allowing the user to use the shoe to its maximum.
  • These shoes are available in solid colours as well as a fun combination of basic and neon colours. The most popular shade being navy blue and black.

Mens Sports Shoes Brands

  • Buy Skechers shoes online is one of the leading brands in sports shoes. They manufacture shoes designed for athletes and others alike. They offer a wide range of styles in sports shoes right from sneakers, to moccasins and derbies.
  • Buy GenX Shoes Online is another popular brand that offers a woven pattern in sports shoes. These are available in three colours that are of the slip-on style. They also have running shoes designed for your active lifestyle.



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