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Shoe Types  
Heel Types  
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New Arrivals
Metro 31-5032-Blue-navy Formal Pumps
Metro 35-8774-Maroon Party Pumps
Metro 35-8774-Silver Party Pumps
Metro 35-8774-Purple Party Pumps
Metro 35-8774-Gold Party Pumps
Metro 35-8774-Black Party Pumps
Metro 35-4715-Rose-gold Party Slip Ons
Metro 35-4715-Silver Party Slip Ons
Metro 35-4715-Green Party Slip Ons
Metro 35-4030-Silver Party Sandals
Metro 31-5032-Maroon Formal Pumps
Metro 35-4663-Rose-gold Party Sandals
Metro 35-4663-Antic-gold Party Sandals
Metro 35-4532-Rose-gold Party Sandals
Metro 35-4532-Black Party Sandals
Metro 31-4729-Gun-metal Formal Pumps
Metro 31-4729-Antic-gold Formal Pumps
Metro 31-4729-Gold Formal Pumps
Metro 40-2318-Blue Party Sandals
Metro 40-2318-Orange Party Sandals
Metro 40-2260-Rose-gold Party Sandals
Metro 40-2260-Black Party Sandals
Metro 31-9844-Yellow Party Pumps
Metro 31-9844-Orange Party Pumps
Metro 31-9844-Pink Party Pumps
Metro 40-2237-Peach Casual Sandals
Metro 40-2237-Silver Casual Sandals
Metro 40-2237-Black Casual Sandals
Metro 35-4030-Antic-gold Party Sandals
Metro 35-4030-Rose-gold Party Sandals
Metro 35-3244-Silver Party Sandals
Metro 35-3844-Rose-gold Party Sandals
Metro 35-3844-Black Party Sandals
Metro 35-3244-Red Party Sandals
Metro 35-3244-Rose-gold Party Sandals
Metro 35-3244-Black Party Sandals
Metro 31-3172-Black Formal Pumps
Metro 31-3172-Red Formal Pumps
Metro 40-2371-Antic-gold Ethnic Slip Ons
Metro 40-2371-Black Ethnic Slip Ons
Metro 35-4759-Rose-gold Party Sandals
Metro 35-4759-Antic-gold Party Sandals
Mochi 31-9819-Orange Party Pumps
Mochi 35-4527-Silver Party Sandals
Mochi 35-4527-Gold Party Sandals
Mochi 35-4527-Black Party Sandals
Mochi 35-3449-Silver Party Sandals
Haute Diva 54-3180-Maroon Wedding Pumps
Haute Diva 54-3180-Antic-gold Wedding Pumps
Mochi 35-4244-Gun-metal Casual Sandals
Mochi 35-4244-Rose-gold Casual Sandals
Mochi 35-3449-Rose-gold Party Sandals
Mochi 35-3449-Black Party Sandals
Mochi 31-9819-Beige Party Pumps
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Shopping Options
  1. Haute Diva 2 items
  2. Mochi 11 items
  3. Metro 42 items
Shoe Types
  1. Sandals 30 items
  2. Slip Ons 5 items
  3. Pumps 20 items
  1. Below ₹2,000 13 items
  2. ₹2,000 - ₹3,000 37 items
  3. ₹3,000 and above 6 items
Heel Types
  1. Stilettos 55 items
Heel Height (inches)
  1. 2.5 12 items
  2. 2 3 items
  3. 3 33 items
  4. 4 7 items
Inner Material
  1. Synthetic 55 items
Outer Material
  1. Synthetic 55 items
  1. Sheet Sole 55 items


Waltz into any party, step into any conference or sway into any wedding with the right pair of stilettos. With a wide range of options for women shoes, we have an upper hand when it comes to stilettos. They are fun, flirty and highly versatile. Let us help you pick the right pair for you!

Stiletto Shoes - Features

There is nothing quite like a pair of stilettos to achieve the mean feet of an elongated and lean silhouette.

  • The heel is variable. The size of the heel ranges from kitten heels to 6-inch stiletto shoes. This will allow you to comfortably walk around without tripping over.
  • Against contrary belief stilettos offers exceptional support. They have ankle straps which prevent the shoe from slipping. Also pumps have tight ankle support thus making it easy to walk.
  • The material that wraps your toe area is tightly wound preventing your foot from slipping down given the elevation.

Types of Stiletto Shoes

If you want your stilettos to make an impression, you need to experiment with various styles and varieties. Right from neutral formal shoes to elegant and embellished.

  • Formal – For all your work events and parties if you want to downplay your shoe game, you can choose to wear neutral pumps. You can choose black, white or beige.
  • Party – You can choose to wear stilettos with embellishments. Some can have bows on your toe or other with diamond adornments.
  • Wedding – Weddings are your time to try something new. Here you can experiment with our mesh stilettos.

Women’s coloured stiletto shoes

The best thing about stilettos shoes is that you can find them in almost every colour possible.

For all your work outfits and conferences, you can downplay your outfit by choosing to stick to neutral shades such as beige, grey, black, white and tan.

For all your party outfits, you can choose bright colours like red, blue or even green. These women’s shoes are perfect to make a statement and add an oomph factor to your outfit.

You can put your A-game on with the chic yet comfortable footwear collection such as sandals, ballerinas, loafers, peep toes & sneakers from Metro Shoes.