Choose the perfect pair of wedding shoes whether wedding flats, ethnic shoes, block heels or something like pumps to look fabulous and feel confident on your big day!

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Shoe Types  
Heel Types  
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Outer Material  
Metro 35-4514-Maroon Wedding Mules
Metro 35-4514-Chikoo Wedding Mules
Metro 35-4514-Black Wedding Mules
Metro 35-3665-Green Wedding Slippers
Metro 35-3640-Silver Wedding Slip Ons
Metro 35-4290-Gun-metal Wedding Sandals
Metro 35-4290-Chikoo Wedding Sandals
Metro 35-4263-Maroon Wedding Mules
Metro 35-4260-Gun-metal Wedding Slip Ons
Metro 35-4254-Antic-gold Wedding Mules
Metro 35-4254-Chikoo Wedding Mules
Metro 35-3679-Silver Wedding Slip Ons
Metro 35-4170-Chikoo Wedding Slip Ons
Metro 35-4170-Black Wedding Slip Ons
Metro 35-3679-Maroon Wedding Mules
Metro 35-3679-Pink Wedding Mules
Metro 35-3589-Silver Wedding Slip Ons
Metro 35-3589-Maroon Wedding Slip Ons
Metro 35-4005-Antic-gold Wedding Slip Ons
Metro 35-4005-Chikoo Wedding Slip Ons
Metro 35-3679-Chikoo Wedding Slip Ons
Metro 35-3906-Antic-gold Wedding Slip Ons
Metro 35-3906-Chikoo Wedding Slip Ons
Metro 35-3589-Antic-gold Wedding Slip Ons
Metro 35-3589-Chikoo Wedding Slip Ons
Metro 35-3589-Black Wedding Slip Ons
Metro 35-3679-Antic-gold Wedding Slip Ons
Metro 35-3679-Black Wedding Slip Ons
Metro 35-3665-Antic-gold Wedding Slippers
Metro 35-3665-Black Wedding Slippers
Metro 35-3640-Chikoo Wedding Slip Ons
Metro 35-2963-Maroon Wedding Slip Ons
Metro 35-2024-Silver Wedding Sandals
Metro 35-3326-Black Wedding Slippers
Metro 35-3149-Antic-gold Wedding Slip Ons
Metro 35-3128-Silver Wedding Sandals
Metro 35-3128-Gold Wedding Sandals
Metro 35-3128-Black Wedding Sandals
Metro 35-2244-Silver Wedding Slippers
Metro 35-3096-Antic-gold Wedding Sandals
Metro 35-3096-Black Wedding Sandals
Metro 35-2797-Antic-gold Wedding Slip Ons
Metro 35-2797-Gold Wedding Slip Ons
Metro 35-1672-Antic-gold Wedding Slip Ons
Metro 35-1672-Black Wedding Slip Ons
Metro 35-2244-Antic-gold Wedding Slippers
Metro 35-2244-Chikoo Wedding Slippers
Metro 35-2244-Black Wedding Slippers
Metro 35-2024-Antic-gold Wedding Sandals
Metro 35-2024-Gold Wedding Sandals
Metro 35-1832-Antic-gold Wedding Slip Ons
Metro 33-1437-Tan Casual Sandals
Metro 33-1405-White-multi Casual Gladiators
Metro 33-1405-Tan Casual Gladiators
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Heel Types
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Inner Material
  1. Synthetic 134 items
Outer Material
  1. Synthetic 82 items
  2. Diamond 11 items
  3. Zari Work 38 items

Wedding Shoes for Women

Weddings are exciting events for all those who attend. If you are the bride or part of the wedding party, you need to make sure your outfit is put together. Once you have finalised your clothes, the last element to complete your look has to be the right pair of wedding shoes. Let us help you find the right pair that allows you to be an energetic barati.

Styles offered by Metro Shoes

  • Sandals offer a slight heel known as women kitten heels. They have delicate straps that are adorned with diamond detailing. Usually available in cream, black or beige colours, you can also experiment with pink sandals to make your outfit.
  • Slip-ons are meant for events held on grassy venues or at home. They are flats with a thicker base. They are also designed beautifully with details on the outer layers.
  • peep-toes are for those formal occasions in a wedding such as the reception. The peep toes offer a more put together look. These are also adorned with embellishments.

Varieties of Women’s Wedding Shoes

  • Wedges are the most sought-after heel style when it comes to high heel shoes. Their descending heel offers surface area and balance. They are availing in Kolhapuris for women styles making it perfect for Indian weddings.
  • Stilettoes are for your long gowns and short dresses. Although slightly trickier to walk in stilettoes are the ideal showstopper heels.
  • Platform heels are the go-to in women’s shoes. They are comfortable, durable and easy to dance in for all your wedding functions.
  • women Flats are ideal if you want to stay away from the heels this wedding season. You can play around with flats adorned with embellishments.

The look of your wedding shoes should be just as grand as your outfit.

  • Shimmering look with glitter on the outer layer for your extravagant wedding gowns. This adds a subtle oomph factor to your glorious look.
  • Indian motifs make the wedding shoe blend in with the rest of your outfit. They can sometimes emulate the exact embroidery of your outfit.



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