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Metro 35-1833-Light-blue Casual Slip Ons
Metro 34-9888-Black Casual Slip Ons
Metro 34-9825-Maroon Casual Mules
Metro 34-9825-Beige Casual Mules
Metro 34-9825-Grey Casual Mules
Metro 35-1833-Peach Casual Slip Ons
Metro 35-1833-Black Casual Slip Ons
Metro 34-9773-Antic-gold Casual Slip Ons
Metro 34-9773-Gold Casual Slip Ons
Metro 34-9773-Black Casual Slip Ons
Metro 34-9808-Antic-gold Casual Sandals
Metro 34-9808-Black Casual Sandals
Metro 34-9797-Peach Casual Sandals
Metro 34-9797-Black Casual Sandals
Metro 34-9791-Gold Casual Slip Ons
Metro 34-9791-Black Casual Slip Ons
Metro 34-9766-Peach Casual Mules
Metro 34-9766-Beige Casual Mules
Metro 34-9766-Grey Casual Mules
Metro 34-9766-Black Casual Mules
Metro 34-9765-Beige Casual Slip Ons
Metro 34-9765-Black Casual Slip Ons
Metro 34-9762-Beige Casual Slip Ons
Metro 34-9762-Black Casual Slip Ons
Metro 34-9760-Maroon Casual Slip Ons
Metro 34-9760-Beige Casual Slip Ons
Metro 34-9760-Black Casual Slip Ons
Metro 34-9794-Gun-metal Party Sandals
Metro 34-9794-Chikoo Party Sandals
Metro 34-9619-Antic-gold Casual Sandals
Metro 34-9619-White Casual Sandals
Metro 34-9694-Tan Casual Sandals
Metro 34-9694-Black Casual Sandals
Metro 35-3793-Gun-metal Party Slip Ons
Metro 35-3793-Antic-gold Party Slip Ons
Metro 35-3713-Chikoo Party Slip Ons
Metro 34-9619-Gold Casual Sandals
Metro 34-9619-Black Casual Sandals
Metro 35-3713-Gold Party Slip Ons
Metro 35-3713-Black Party Slip Ons
Metro 35-3594-Antic-gold Party Slip Ons
Metro 35-3594-Chikoo Party Slip Ons
Metro 34-9542-Gold Casual Sandals
Metro 34-9542-Black Casual Sandals
Metro 35-3326-Black Wedding Slippers
Metro 34-9407-Gun-metal Casual Sandals
Metro 34-9407-Chikoo Casual Sandals
Metro 34-9476-Black Casual Slip Ons
Metro 34-9262-Black Casual Slip Ons
Metro 34-9262-Beige Casual Slip Ons
Metro 35-1833-Brown Ethnic Slip Ons
Metro 35-1832-Antic-gold Wedding Slip Ons
Metro 34-9906-Tan Casual Slip Ons
Metro 34-9906-White Casual Slip Ons
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  1. Platform 101 items
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  1. Synthetic 101 items
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  1. Synthetic 97 items
  2. Lycra 3 items


All hail the platform heels!

Whether it is life or the dressing up game, a woman always desires to keep her best foot forward. With the myriad women’s footwear options, it generally leaves the ladies confused with choices. As glamorous as a pair of stilettoes can make the woman feel, it can equally bring discomfort. On the other hands, women’s flats aren’t preferred on special junctures. Platform shoes for women are the right blend of comfort and chic thus letting you add dimension to your shoe wardrobe.

Pick your comfort

If you are investing in a pair of shoe, you would certainly want to choose the right piece to do the job. Platform footwear undeniably adds a little height minus the discomfort. But like any other footwear, there are types of platforms as well.

Block heels are chunkier than a high heeled shoe but are much more comfortable than the latter. They give more support to your feet as they let you distribute your weight evenly. Block sandals can be square, sometimes even cylindrical. You can embrace this hippy style to create your customized retro look without crumbling feet pain.

For women who call stilettoes their one true love but hate the after-effects of wearing them around, kitten heels are a stylish solution. Whether you love dancing all night or simply need a pair to up the elegance quotient of your attire, you can never go wrong with kitten heel. Available in a variety of patterns and shapes, they look best as sandals, peep-toes and pumps.

Platform Sandals for all-day styling

Platform shoes are the star of any woman’s shoe-drobe. Be it something as extravagant as a red carpet event or a low key evening affair, this pair will accentuate your feminine side with every step.

Explore an exclusive collection of platform heels online on Metro Shoes. Each pair of our footwear is crafted with extreme meticulousness, keeping your comfort and swank in mind. From ethnic footwear to a party to casual wear, our wide variety of platform footwear ensures that you have a fashionable accompaniment for every juncture in your life.

Unsure about how platform footwear will fare for you or skeptical about the shoe sizing? Don’t sweat, just shop as each purchase with us comes with an easy 30-day return and exchange policy!