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Gen X 71-8440-Brown Casual Moccasin
New Arrivals
Gen X 71-8440-Black Casual Moccasin
Gen X 71-8445-Grey Casual Loafers
Gen X 71-8443-Olive Casual Loafers
Gen X 71-8443-Blue-navy Casual Loafers
Gen X 71-8442-Blue-navy Casual Loafers
Gen X 71-8435-Black Casual Loafers
Gen X 71-8433-Black Casual Loafers
Gen X 71-9996-Blue Casual Derby
Gen X 71-9996-Beige Casual Derby
Gen X 71-9993-Blue Sports Sneakers
Gen X 71-9993-Red Sports Sneakers
Gen X 71-9993-Grey Sports Sneakers
Gen X 71-9935-Chikoo Casual Loafers
Gen X 71-9935-Red Casual Loafers
Gen X 71-9935-Blue-navy Casual Loafers
Gen X 71-9935-Black Casual Loafers
Gen X 71-9865-Black Casual Sandals
Gen X 71-9837-Brown Casual Loafers
Gen X 71-9720-Tan Casual Loafers
Gen X 71-9720-Black Casual Loafers
Gen X 71-8537-Tan Casual Loafers
Gen X 71-8537-Blue-navy Casual Loafers
Gen X 71-8430-Maroon Casual Loafers
Gen X 71-8430-Tan Casual Loafers
Gen X 71-8430-Black Casual Loafers
Gen X 71-8425-White Casual Sneakers
Gen X 71-9968-Black Casual Moccasin
Gen X 71-9898-Blue Casual Loafers
Gen X 71-9988-Tan Casual Boots
Gen X 71-9988-Brown Casual Boots
Gen X 71-9967-Brown Casual Loafers
Gen X 71-9967-Black Casual Loafers
Gen X 71-9936-Blue-suede Casual Loafers
Gen X 71-9936-Tan-suede Casual Loafers
Gen X 71-9970-Camel Casual Derby
Gen X 71-9970-Olive Casual Derby
Gen X 71-9918-Camel Casual Sneakers
Gen X 71-9918-Brown Casual Sneakers
Gen X 71-9918-Black Casual Sneakers
Gen X 71-9660-Grey Sports Sneakers
Gen X 71-9660-Black Sports Sneakers
Gen X 71-9659-Black Sports Sneakers
Gen X 71-9621-Black Casual Loafers
Gen X 71-9582-Blue Casual Loafers
Gen X 71-9363-Blue Casual Loafers
Gen X 71-5151-White Casual Loafers
Gen X 71-9876-Black Casual Sneakers
Gen X 71-9838-Brown Casual Loafers
Gen X 71-9838-Black Casual Loafers
Gen X 71-9835-Tan Casual Loafers
Gen X 71-9835-Black Casual Loafers
Gen X 71-9833-Camel Casual Moccasin
Gen X 71-9833-Blue-navy Casual Moccasin
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  2. TPR 90 items
  3. PU 18 items
  4. EVA 7 items

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) about GenX Shoes


Are Gen X Shoes comfortable?

Yes, Gen X Shoes are extremely comfortable. Every pair of Gen X footwear is made with A-Grade material, immensely cushioned insole and a sustainable outsole. Be it casual, formal or sports shoes, each style of footwear is designed to cater to the diverse foot needs of every wearer.

What are Gen X Shoes popular for?

Gen X shoes are popular for their range of formal shoes for men. Gen X also offers sports and casual shoes for men. But thanks to trendy designs, various material and colour options, its formal footwear range has garnered more attention and recognition. From loafers to brogues to classic moccasin, this label furnishes every type of formal footwear for men.

Are Gen X footwear durable?

Yes, Gen X footwear is extremely durable in nature. The brand Gen X is admired for its comfort, class, and endurance factor. Be it for the upper shoe or the sole, the material used for fabrication is the best pick of the bunch thus inevitably adding to the long shelf life of every final product.

What type of Shoes are available in Gen X Brand?

Gen X Brand offers a wonderful range of sports shoes. Additionally, the brand also provides casual and formal shoes for men. For all three categories, the options of lace and slip on are available, giving people an option to choose as per their needs and preference. Gen X shoes for men have now expanded its range to occasional and ethnic wears as well. With time, the brand is gaining a reputation of providing quality footwear and becoming a preference for many men. All types and designs are available at Metro Shoes for you to explore and order.

What product range does Gen X offer? Does it have Casual Shoes & Formal Shoes for both Men & Women?

Gen X shoes design especially for men. Gen X has casual shoes, formal shoes as well as sports shoes, but only for men. The range of Gen X shoes for men is comprehensive and caters to all types of footwear a man could possibly wear. At the moment, Gen X does not provide casual, formal or any other type of footwear for women.








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