Find the best casual shoes for your kids from our collection of footwear and ensure the confidence in their stride. Shop from the wide variety of boy’s sneakers and boys shoes here.

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Metro 47-4533-Blue-navy Casual Sandals
Metro 47-4533-Brown Casual Sandals
Metro 48-5428-Black Casual Sneakers
Metro 48-5385-Blue-navy Casual Sneakers
Metro 48-5385-Grey Casual Sneakers
Metro 48-5181-Blue-navy Casual Sneakers
Metro 46-5356-Blue Casual Moccasin
Metro 46-5356-Brown Casual Moccasin
Metro 46-5395-Blue-navy Casual Boots
Metro 46-5395-Brown Casual Boots
Metro 47-4514-Tan Casual Sandals
Metro 47-4514-Blue-navy Casual Sandals
Metro 46-5417-Blue-navy Casual Sneakers
Metro 47-4515-Beige Casual Slippers
Metro 47-4515-Brown Casual Slippers
Metro 47-4489-Brown Casual Sandals
Metro 47-4489-Black Casual Sandals
Metro 47-4486-Blue-navy Casual Sandals
Metro 47-4486-Brown Casual Sandals
Metro 46-5163-Tan Casual Loafers
Metro 46-5290-Tan Casual Loafers
Metro 46-5290-Blue-navy Casual Loafers
Metro 46-5288-Grey Casual Loafers
Metro 46-5288-Brown Casual Loafers
Metro 46-5276-Blue Casual Loafers
Metro 46-5276-Brown Casual Loafers
Metro 46-5163-Black Casual Loafers
Metro 47-4549-Brown Casual Sandals
Metro 47-4549-Black Casual Sandals
Metro 48-5432-Pink Casual Sneakers
Metro 48-5432-Green Casual Sneakers
Metro 48-5475-Pink Casual Sneakers
Metro 48-5475-Black Casual Sneakers
Mochi 48-5473-Blue-navy Casual Sneakers
Mochi 48-5473-Grey Casual Sneakers
Mochi 47-4550-Beige Casual Sandals
Mochi 47-4550-Blue-navy Casual Sandals
Mochi 48-5444-Purple Casual Sneakers
Crocs Kids 127-204536-Black Casual Sandals
Mochi 48-5445-Blue-navy Casual Sneakers
Mochi 48-5445-Grey Casual Sneakers
Mochi 47-4517-Blue-navy Casual Slippers
Mochi 47-4517-Brown Casual Slippers
Mochi 47-4516-Tan Casual Sandals
Mochi 47-4516-Blue-navy Casual Sandals
Mochi 46-5371-Tan Casual Loafers
Mochi 46-5315-Tan Casual Loafers
Mochi 46-5315-Black Casual Loafers
Mochi 46-5267-Gold Casual Moccasin
Mochi 47-4491-Blue-navy Casual Sandals
Mochi 47-4491-Brown Casual Sandals
Mochi 47-4490-Blue-navy Casual Sandals
Mochi 47-4490-Brown Casual Sandals
Mochi 46-5277-Tan Casual Loafers
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Style up little feet with casual shoes for boys

Kids love to run and play around leaving their parents full of worry. But investing in a good pair of shoes will not only protect them from random tumbling but will make their growing experience joyful. Your offspring is a reflection of you. To ensure that their vibe is as stylish and classy as yours, it’s time to introduce them to an in vogue shoe culture.

Must-have footwear for every boy:

  • For school:

Get your kids ready for school with our range of formal shoes for boys that fit the standard of every school norm. Whether it is for sports day or the rainy season, with our assortment of kid’s casual shoes online, we try that the adventure of your tots never stops.

  • For play:

All work and no play can make your jack a dull boy. But, without the right shoes, your boy could go dull and slow anyway. To let your kids, have more paly time and less worry of tying their shoes, boys sandals is your best bet.

Kids come with an unparalleled level of energy and vigor. Keep the enthusiasm flowing by supporting their aspirations and feet right. If your kids like to engage in sports like cricket or football, investing in a gear simply means investing in their dreams!

  • For dressier occasions:

You can let your boys stay a step ahead in the style game by punctuating their ensembles with modish shoes. The shoe size of kids differs at an alarming rate. You can cut your cost by purchasing suede loafers that will qualify as both casual and occasional wear.

Set the trend with Metro Shoes

The feet of your little ones are more delicate and demand cushioning. This is precisely what every piece of footwear from Metro shoes assures. Offering a durable sole, soft inner material and right grip; just like you, our boys casual shoes take care of your little lads.

Engage your kids in their shopping without any hassle by exploring our exclusive collection of casual shoes for boys online. Whether it's for a run on the ground, strolling across the beach or looking savage in a family function, we have options for every occasion befitting every budget. Start shopping to let your boys step up!