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Men Sneakers

Evolving from the realm of sports, men sneakers have now transitioned into a fashion forward accessory. Sneaker men shoes now see their way down runways as much as they see city streets. Today, sneakers come in multiple styles from casual to couture.


  • Ankle support is essential in any shoe. Sneaker provide essential grip on your ankle, heel and upper foot.
  • Flexibility in the sole from the toe to the heel determines the kind of sneaker you wear. Sports sneakers tend to be more flexible on the sole.
  • If you are a runner, you would prefer a chunky heavy-duty shoe or else you would want something more streamlined.


Given that sneakers for men are now also a fashion statement, there is a wider variety of styles available.

  • High top Sneakers – Black Sneakers for Men that stretch out above your ankles are now very trendy. They are similar to Jordons but devoid of the athletic additions. The difference is these sneakers are the slip-on kind. .
  • Sports sneakers – They come with thick soles and tight grips. They have a closed lacing system to ensure that the shoe does not slip off.
  • Casual sneakers – For those who want a sturdy shoe for general strolling can opt for those with Velcro straps to secure it.


To differentiate the sneaker styles there are various colours and patterns available.

  • Camouflage is a trendy print available on most sport sneakers. This print is not only available in traditional green but also in shades of grey and blue.
  • Strips are another popular print found on most slip-on sneakers