The trendiest women sandals are right here! Shoes and women are best friends indeed. Go through our huge collection of Sandals. Find similar collections like slip-ons, slippers and more.

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Metro 33-1463-White Casual Sandals
New Arrivals
Metro 33-1463-Black Casual Sandals
Metro 33-977-Brown-suede Casual Sandals
Metro 33-977-Black-suede Casual Sandals
Metro 31-9874-Peach Casual Sandals
Metro 40-2266-Neon Yellow Casual Sandals
Metro 40-2266-Neon Orange Casual Sandals
Metro 40-2266-Neon Pink Casual Sandals
Metro 40-2266-White Casual Sandals
Metro 40-2266-Peach Casual Sandals
Metro 40-2266-Black Casual Sandals
Metro 33-885-Grey Casual Sandals
Metro 33-885-Orange Casual Sandals
Metro 33-885-Green Casual Sandals
Metro 31-9874-Beige Casual Sandals
Metro 33-885-Blue-navy Casual Sandals
Metro 33-885-White Casual Sandals
Metro 33-977-Blue Casual Sandals
Metro 33-977-Orange Casual Sandals
Metro 33-977-Black Casual Sandals
Metro 33-858-White Casual Sandals
Metro 33-858-Black Casual Sandals
Metro 33-9953-Beige Casual Sandals
Metro 33-9953-White Casual Sandals
Metro 33-460-Brown Casual Sandals
Metro 33-460-Black Casual Sandals
Metro 33-9762-Blue Casual Sandals
Metro 33-9762-Black Casual Sandals
Metro 33-9953-Brown Casual Sandals
Metro 33-9953-Black Casual Sandals
Davinchi 75-1379-Black Casual Sandals
Mochi 33-1447-Peach Casual Sandals
Mochi 33-1447-Tan Casual Sandals
Mochi 33-1447-Black Casual Sandals
Mochi 40-2270-Peach Casual Sandals
Mochi 33-1098-Green Casual Sandals
Mochi 40-2255-Rose-gold Casual Sandals
Walkway 33-1023-Gold Casual Sandals
Mochi 40-1948-Peach Casual Sandals
Mochi 40-1948-Blue Casual Sandals
Mochi 40-1948-Yellow Casual Sandals
Mochi 40-1948-Green Casual Sandals
Mochi 31-4741-Beige Casual Sandals
Mochi 31-4741-Black Casual Sandals
Crocs 118-206453-White-multi Casual Sandals
Crocs 118-206453-White-pink Casual Sandals
Crocs 118-206453-Black-suede Casual Sandals
Haute Diva 54-4432-Peach Casual Sandals
Haute Diva 54-4432-Antic-gold Casual Sandals
Mochi 40-2287-Rose-gold Casual Sandals
Mochi 40-2287-Blue-navy Casual Sandals
Mochi 33-1368-Blue Casual Sandals
Mochi 33-1368-Pink Casual Sandals
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Ladies Sandal: Walk Your Way with Elegance

The first thing that pops into mind when talking about women’s footwear is sandals. These are some of the oldest forms of footwear consisting of a sole secured to the foot along with ankle and instep straps. Ladies' sandals are so easy to style and versatile that a basic wardrobe cannot do without them. This is why they are always in fashion, and brands continuously bring in novel ways to style and re-invent them. 

Keeping in mind the comfort sandals bring and matching them with the latest fashion trends, Metro Shoes has created an extensive shoe range collection for both women and men’s sandals. We believe that with the right footwear, a woman can conquer the world and present you with the most trendy range of ladies sandals. 

Discover an Exquisite Range of Ladies Sandals on Metro Shoes

Ladies’ sandals come in various patterns, styles and colours. Here are some of the essential varieties that you must have in your wardrobe.  

  1. Flats: This category of ladies sandals is one of the most preferred casual footwear as they offer comfort and style. Some of the varieties of flats you can browse here include thick and thin ankle strapped casuals, peep-toe sandals and ballerinas. Besides these, we also have a collection of flats that come with criss-crossed straps and transparent band designs.
  2. Medium Heels: Adding an inch to your height not only boosts your confidence, but also gives a stylish look. Medium height heels have been a cult favourite for decades. For medium elevation of about one to two and a half inches, you can wear kitten, block and platform sandals. These ladies sandals are super versatile as they come in different colours and designs. 
  3. High Heels: This type of ladies’ sandals feature a higher heel of about two to five inches. They are designed to make you look stylish and add a bounce to your walk. Be it an outing or a party, heels are certainly a go-to choice for most women. Stilettos, platforms and wedges are some of the high heel varieties available on Metro shoes. 

Tips to Style Women’s Sandals

Matching your footwear with outfits is an art. So, if you want to ace the fashion game, go through some of our style recommendations as described below. 

  • Glide on to your Fancy Flats on your Day-Out: For a short tour to the mall or grocery store, slip into sandals and walk around the street comfortably. You can wear a pair of shorts and fancy tops with beige colour ballerinas or slip-ons. To complete this look, you can carry a small sling bag to store all the essentials. 
  • Step-Up in Medium Heels in Casual or Ethnic Attire: You can style such footwear on casual as well as ethnic outfits. For casual wear, you can match ripped jeans and strappy crop tops with a pair of black block heels. For ethnic outfits like Anarkalis and Salwar suits, you can wear gold party sandals with gorgeous zari work. 
  • Groove in your High Heels to Parties: Dresses are the best outfits to deck up for sangeet and DJ functions. So, dance your heart out in parties with long floor-length gowns or dresses and pair them with jazzy gold or silver pencil heels. 

Buy Women’s Sandals Online on Metro Shoes

Ladies’ sandals have been in trend for a very long time and will continue to as they offer comfort and style at the same time. These are some of the must-have footwear which you should start exploring. A diverse collection of sandals in different styles, patterns and price ranges is available on our platform for fantastic footwear exploration.  

With Metro Shoes, online shopping for men’s and women’s shoes is made easy with just the click of a button. Not just for adults, we offer shoes for girls and boys as well. So add items to your shopping bag, place your order and get your favourites delivered promptly to your doorstep. Shop for varieties of footwear, accessories and bags exclusively on Metro Shoes. 

Ladies Sandal-FAQs

1) Which is better, wearing women’s sandals or shoes?

It completely depends on person-to-person as both women’s sandals and shoes are comfortable to wear and match effortlessly with any casual outfit. Both have several variants and patterns to choose from, making them the most preferred footwear for many women.

2) Things to keep in mind before buying ladies sandals online?

When buying any ladies’ sandals or footwear online, keep in mind to check the size guide and product description for details like material and heel height. This will help you to get the exact silhouette of how the sandals will resemble in reality.

3) What is the difference between sandals & slip ons?

The only difference between sandals and slip-ons is in their construction. Sandals have extra support with straps and bands around the ankle. On the other hand, slip-ons just have one thick strap running across the toes.    

4) Can ladies’ sandals be worn on a formal outfit?

For formal outfits like trousers and skirts, you can wear closed-toe sandals or loafers in colours such as beige, tan or black as per your preferences.



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