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Metro 16-428-Camel Casual Slippers
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Metro 16-428-Brown-suede Casual Slippers
New Arrivals
Metro 16-428-Black-suede Casual Slippers
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Metro 16-224-Black-pat Casual Slippers
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Metro 16-8330-Blue Casual Slippers
Metro 16-224-Brown Casual Slippers
Metro 16-438-Tan Casual Slippers
Metro 16-438-Wine-maroon Casual Slippers
Metro 16-438-Black Casual Slippers
Metro 16-416-Tan Casual Slippers
Metro 16-394-White Casual Slippers
Metro 16-302-White Casual Slippers
Metro 16-436-Wine-maroon Casual Slippers
Metro 16-436-Black Casual Slippers
Metro 16-432-White Casual Slippers
Metro 16-432-Brown Casual Slippers
Metro 16-432-Black Casual Slippers
Metro 16-223-Black Casual Slippers
Metro 16-409-Blue Ethnic Slippers
Metro 16-409-Beige Ethnic Slippers
Metro 16-408-Blue Casual Slippers
Metro 16-408-Brown Casual Slippers
Metro 16-397-Black Casual Slippers
Metro 16-302-Brown Casual Slippers
Metro 16-302-Black Casual Slippers
Metro 16-299-Beige Casual Slippers
Metro 16-299-Brown Casual Slippers
Metro 16-393-Chikoo Casual Slippers
Metro 16-393-Brown Casual Slippers
Metro 16-238-Maroon Casual Slippers
Metro 16-238-White Casual Slippers
Metro 16-238-Black Casual Slippers
Metro 16-234-White Casual Slippers
Metro 16-224-Blue Casual Slippers
Metro 16-224-Tan Casual Slippers
Metro 16-224-Black Casual Slippers
Metro 16-189-Brown Casual Slippers
Metro 16-189-Black Casual Slippers
Metro 16-179-Camel Casual Slippers
Metro 16-179-Olive Casual Slippers
Metro 16-179-Maroon Casual Slippers
Metro 16-155-Olive Casual Slippers
Metro 16-155-Blue Casual Slippers
Metro 16-155-Tan Casual Slippers
Metro 16-155-Grey Casual Slippers
Metro 16-9444-Yellow Casual Slippers
Metro 16-9444-Green Casual Slippers
Metro 16-9444-Red Casual Slippers
Metro 16-9312-Brown-suede Casual Slippers
Metro 16-78-White Casual Slippers
Metro 18-21-Blue Ethnic Slippers
Metro 18-21-Brown-suede Ethnic Slippers
Metro 16-78-Blue Casual Slippers
Metro 16-78-Black Casual Slippers
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Slippers & Flip Flops for Men

Fashion extends beyond formal and glimmery occasions and ranges further to the leisurely corners. Even a lazy look has to be dandy with stylish comfortable slippers. Brands like Da Vinci, Mardi Gras, Metro, Franco Leone, Lee Cooper and Signature make even casual a classy affair. Find your perfect fit from an interesting range of buy chappals for men online.


Slippers for men are are an ideal fit for an evening at the beach, relaxed strolls in the neighbourhood or an in-house get together.

  • Low-cut and flat, slippers usually have an open heel and make for a very comfy and convenient option to wear.
  • To get a better support for the feet, some people go for the variants that have a heel guard. It is preferred when one needs to walk fast and for a long time at a stretch.
  • As they are light and airy, they make a good footwear option for hot or humid days.


Pair your slippers with the occasion according to the material it is made of.

  • Men Leather Slipper are the most preferred material when it comes to smart and stylish slippers. They add a sophisticated oomph to their informal image such as Da Vinci slippers. Suede is voguing with its lush and soft look, highly enjoyed in house parties and brunches.
  • Synthetic and Croslite are more economical varieties opted for day-to-day usage. Croslite is especially recommended during monsoons.
  • Denim is a favourite among young adults because of its hep and vibrant look. They pair spectacularly with shorts.


Casual looks do not have set rules, and hence have a great potential to be designed stylishly. Go, experiment with colours!

  • Even the black and brown classics can be tried with a tinge of fun. Try patterns, different thumb designs or two-toned slippers that have a contrasting sole and strap.
  • If you are fond of bright colours, slippers are your playfield. Bold blue or dark green/teal are two most sought after colours.
  • Hesitant to go too vivid? Balance the look with colourful straps, like red, white, orange or mustard. Pairing the light and dark shades of the same colour is also a mellow way to add glaze to your attire. Bright and dark purple, tan and brown, and navy and royal blue are some popular options.



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