Choose your right pair of sandals and floaters from a large collection at Metro Shoes that would match your outfit and you are good to go. Shop from our other footwear collections like loafers, sneakers & casual shoes and more.

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Metro 18-1060-Black Casual Sandals
Metro 18-1398-Blue Casual Sandals
Metro 18-1398-Tan Casual Sandals
Metro 18-1398-Black Casual Sandals
Metro 18-1286-Brown Casual Sandals
Metro 18-1286-Black Casual Sandals
Metro 18-1070-Olive Casual Sandals
Metro 18-1070-Blue Casual Sandals
Metro 18-928-Camel Casual Sandals
Metro 18-928-Olive Casual Sandals
Metro 18-928-Moka-brown Casual Sandals
Metro 18-928-Brown Casual Sandals
Metro 18-926-Olive Casual Sandals
Metro 18-926-Blue-navy Casual Sandals
Metro 18-919-Green Casual Sandals
Metro 18-1070-Camel Nubuck Casual Sandals
Metro 18-1070-Black Casual Sandals
Metro 18-1060-Camel Nubuck Casual Sandals
Metro 18-1060-Olive Nubuck Casual Sandals
Metro 18-1060-Maroon Nubuck Casual Sandals
Metro 18-1060-Blue-navy Nubuck Casual Sandals
Metro 18-928-Black Casual Sandals
Metro 18-926-Brown Casual Sandals
Metro 18-919-Maroon Casual Sandals
Metro 18-919-Tan Casual Sandals
Metro 18-919-Black Casual Sandals
Metro 18-594-Black Ethnic Sandals
Metro 18-9935-White Ethnic Sandals
Metro 18-9935-Brown Ethnic Sandals
Metro 18-9935-Black Ethnic Sandals
Metro 18-360-Maroon Ethnic Sandals
Metro 18-360-Black Ethnic Sandals
Metro 18-262-Tan Ethnic Sandals
Metro 18-262-Black Ethnic Sandals
Metro 18-93-Maroon Ethnic Sandals
Metro 18-93-Black Ethnic Sandals
Metro 18-9935-Tan Casual Sandals
Metro 18-1444-White Casual Sandals
Metro 18-1444-Black Casual Sandals
Metro 18-1426-Wine Casual Sandals
Metro 18-1426-Tan Casual Sandals
Metro 18-1426-Black Casual Sandals
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Davinchi 60-648-Black Casual Sandals
Walkway 18-875-Chikoo Casual Sandals
J.Fontini 60-9949-Blue Casual Sandals
J.Fontini 60-1259-Brown Casual Sandals
J.Fontini 60-1259-Black Casual Sandals
J.Fontini 60-1258-Brown Casual Sandals
J.Fontini 60-1258-Black Casual Sandals
J.Fontini 60-1020-Tan Casual Sandals
Mochi 18-1439-Brown Casual Sandals
Mochi 18-1439-Black Casual Sandals
Mochi 18-1411-Maroon Casual Sandals
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Sandals & Floaters for Men

Summer is almost upon us and most of us are feeling the heat. It’s the perfect time for all gentlemen to bring warm weather appropriate footwear out of the closets. And what better footwear to bring the heat down than sandals? Comfortable, durable and simple, sandals are the ideal companions to roam the world in. Browse through Metro Shoes exclusive collection of men’s sandals from leading brands like Davinchi, Gen X, Biofoot and many more.


    Sandals are slip-on men shoes online that have some defining characteristics to Sandals for men provide a laid-back experience to the wearer. .

  • Sandals categorically fall under casual footwear as they have open areas that expose parts of the feet.
  • They often come with fastenings like buckles, sliders and straps to ensure feet stay in place.
  • These easy to wear slip-ons provide excellent traction against rugged terrain.


Metro Shoes gives you the option to choose a variety of sandals from the best of brands.

  • Give a sophisticated edge to your ethnic outfit by styling it with a pair of men’s sandals..
  • Ditch the men flip-flops and walk the talk in gladiator sandals for effortless fashion.
  • Don’t let the rough terrain deter you from your journey. Rock a pair of sturdy sports sandals for a better grip and optimum flexibility.


Metro Shoes’ collection of sandals will make your online shoes shopping experience more colourful.

  • If you want to play it safe but still earn style points, monochromatic sandals are your best bet.
  • If classy and comfortable is what you want, go for traditional black or brown leather sandals with thinner straps. These will go well with most of your outfits and keep you ready-to-go always.
  • For a beach getaway or a fun event, experiment with bold colours and patterns that complement your outfit.
  • Avoid heavy prints and stick to minimal embellishments. Colours like oxblood red and maroon make for an instant style statement.



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