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Metro 19-6452-Tan Casual Loafers
Metro 19-6452-Brown Casual Loafers
Metro 19-6442-Maroon Casual Loafers
Metro 19-6442-Tan Casual Loafers
Metro 19-6442-Black Casual Loafers
Metro 19-6170-White Casual Loafers
Metro 19-6290-Green Casual Loafers
Metro 19-6290-Brown Casual Loafers
Metro 19-6290-Black Casual Loafers
Metro 19-6226-Brown Casual Loafers
Metro 19-6226-Black Casual Loafers
Metro 19-6170-Maroon Casual Loafers
Metro 19-6170-Tan Casual Loafers
Metro 19-6170-Black Casual Loafers
Metro 19-6160-Black Casual Loafers
Metro 19-5513-Tan Casual Loafers
Metro 19-5513-Brown Casual Loafers
Metro 19-5513-Black Casual Loafers
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Gen X 71-8480-Black Casual Loafers
New Arrivals
J.Fontini 14-1268-Tan Casual Loafers
New Arrivals
J.Fontini 14-1268-Black Casual Loafers
New Arrivals
J.Fontini 14-1265-Blue-navy Casual Loafers
New Arrivals
J.Fontini 14-1265-Brown Casual Loafers
New Arrivals
Gen X 71-8441-Tan Casual Loafers
New Arrivals
Gen X 71-8441-Green Casual Loafers
New Arrivals
Gen X 71-8441-White Casual Loafers
New Arrivals
Gen X 71-8441-Black Casual Loafers
Gen X 71-9987-Tan-suede Casual Loafers
Mochi 19-5674-Tan Formal Loafers
Gen X 71-9986-Tan-suede Casual Loafers
Gen X 71-5151-Tan Casual Loafers
Davinchi 14-946-Black Casual Loafers
Mochi 19-5674-Blue-suede Formal Loafers
Mochi 19-5674-Tan-suede Formal Loafers
Gen X 71-5151-Light-green Casual Loafers
Gen X 71-5151-Yellow Casual Loafers
Davinchi 14-894-Bottle-green Casual Loafers
Davinchi 14-894-Light-blue Casual Loafers
Davinchi 14-549-White Casual Loafers
Davinchi 14-549-Brown Casual Loafers
Gen X 71-9582-Black Casual Loafers
J.Fontini 14-1085-Black Casual Loafers
J.Fontini 14-426-Coffee Casual Loafers
Gen X 71-9620-Blue Casual Loafers
Gen X 71-9620-Maroon Casual Loafers
Gen X 71-9620-Beige Casual Loafers
Mochi 19-6194-Blue Casual Loafers
Mochi 19-6194-Brown Casual Loafers
Mochi 19-5486-Maroon Casual Loafers
J.Fontini 14-974-Brown Casual Loafers
J.Fontini 14-974-Black Casual Loafers
J.Fontini 14-426-Black Casual Loafers
Gen X 71-5151-Brown Casual Loafers
Walkway 17-9717-Black Casual Loafers
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  2. Leather 185 items
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Online Loafers for Men

If its comfort you seek, you will find loafers to be the perfect shoes for your needs. Formal Loafers have been ruling the style game for long with their effortlessly elegant appearance. Choose from Shop Metro Formal shoes online extensive collection of men’s loafers online or pick from a variety of Florsheim, Lee Cooper or Da-Vinchi loafers! All just a click away.

Features of Mens Loafers

Some of the defining characteristics of loafers are:

  • Loafers are classic slip-on shoes that come without any lacing system or buckles. This ability to easily slip on and off is really useful when you’re in a rush.
  • Loafers are inspired by their casual cousins, the men moccasins. Thus, their construction often includes moccasin features which add more personality to the shoe.
  • They also come with decorative embellishments like tassels, metal bar and horsebit. These ornaments enhance the polished look of the loafer and adds an edge to your appearance.

Types of Mens Loafers

Upgrade your shoe collection by shopping for these amazing varieties of Loafer shoes:

  • Based on the embellishment on the vamp, loafers are categorised into three broad types: Penny, Horsebit, and Tasselled.
  • Leather loafers for men are a wardrobe staple. Like a perfect gentleman, leather is classy, durable and is better with age.
  • A slightly casual approach than leather, suede loafers for men are delicate and chic. Flaunt them in style during spring and summer.

Colours to Explore

A popular shoe style for many, loafer shoes are not restricted to just two or three colours:

  • If versatility is what you want, then pick the traditional brown colour for your loafers. Brown shades can be paired exceptionally well with shades of navy blue and green.
  • Go with Men Black Loafers for a formal, classy look with just the right amount of sophistication.
  • If you want to go down the experimental route, there are various colours available for you to pick from. Try tan and oxblood to make an instant style statement.



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