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Metro 56-4229-Yellow Casual Ballerinas
Metro 56-4229-Pink Casual Ballerinas
Metro 56-4195-Blue Casual Ballerinas
Metro 56-4191-Grey Casual Ballerinas
Metro 56-4188-Blue Casual Ballerinas
Metro 56-4188-Pink Casual Ballerinas
Metro 56-4186-Silver Casual Ballerinas
Metro 56-4186-Gold Casual Ballerinas
Metro 56-4193-Silver Casual Ballerinas
Metro 56-4192-Peach Casual Ballerinas
Metro 56-4192-Blue Casual Ballerinas
Metro 56-4046-Gold Formal Ballerinas
Metro 56-4045-Rose-gold Casual Ballerinas
Metro 56-4122-Beige Formal Ballerinas
Metro 56-4119-Gun-metal Formal Ballerinas
Metro 56-4119-Pink Formal Ballerinas
Metro 56-3971-Pink Casual Ballerinas
Metro 56-3971-White Casual Ballerinas
Metro 56-93960-Gold Formal Ballerinas
Metro 56-93812-Pink Casual Ballerinas
Metro 56-93812-Beige Casual Ballerinas
Walkway 56-4219-Rose-gold Casual Ballerinas
Walkway 56-4219-Black Casual Ballerinas
Walkway 56-4216-White Casual Ballerinas
Walkway 56-4216-Black Casual Ballerinas
Walkway 56-4213-Peach Casual Ballerinas
Walkway 56-4213-Blue-navy Casual Ballerinas
Mochi 56-4187-Silver Casual Ballerinas
Mochi 56-4187-Gold Casual Ballerinas
Mochi 56-93990-Red Casual Ballerinas
Mochi 56-93990-Black Casual Ballerinas
Mochi 56-93975-Gold Formal Ballerinas
Mochi 56-93973-Gold Formal Ballerinas
Mochi 56-4055-Pink Formal Ballerinas
Mochi 56-4055-White Formal Ballerinas
Walkway 56-4151-Tan Casual Ballerinas
Walkway 56-4151-Blue-navy Casual Ballerinas
Walkway 56-4151-Black Casual Ballerinas
Walkway 56-4100-Black Casual Ballerinas
Walkway 56-4064-Pink Casual Ballerinas
Walkway 56-4064-Black Casual Ballerinas
Walkway 56-4150-Pink Formal Ballerinas
Walkway 56-4150-Rose-gold Formal Ballerinas
Kittens 74-7131-Gold Formal Ballerinas
Kittens 74-7131-Black Formal Ballerinas
Kittens 74-6741-Pink Casual Ballerinas
Kittens 74-6741-White Casual Ballerinas
Kittens 74-6401-Gold Formal Ballerinas
Kittens 74-6401-Black Formal Ballerinas
Kittens 74-6391-Red Formal Ballerinas
Kittens 74-6391-Gold Formal Ballerinas
Kittens 74-6391-Black Formal Ballerinas
Kittens 74-4701-Pink Formal Ballerinas
Kittens 74-4701-Gold Formal Ballerinas
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Kids shoes for endearing baby feet

Tiny tots are cute and dressing them up comprises to be the all-time favorite endorsement of every parent. Taking a baby for a day out is every parent’s night mare as uncomfortable shoes and clothing compel kids to get cranky and cry out of frustration. Whether your little one is too stubborn to not walk or kicks out its footwear every second minute, a pair of footwear from Metro Shoes can solve both the snags!

Selections in kid’s footwear

The idea of matching shoes with outfits is not age biased. Our boy’s and girl’s footwear collection is an extensive assortment of up to the minute designs that can heighten the adorability of your little one almost instantly.

  • Casual kids’ shoes like sneakers, loafers and slip-ons are best paired with denims, shorts and onesies. If you are introducing your kid to footwear, avert the possibility of your kid’s feet feel cluttered by opting for kid’s sandals.
  • Meticulously crafted with paramount quality material, our ethnic footwear ensures maximum comfort for those small, delicate feet. From traditional mojaris to retro kolhapuris, no matter what the theme of the day is our online collection of kids’ footwear has got you covered with matching masterpieces.
  • While instilling the art of engaging in sports and outdoor activities, it is essential to protect the sole of your kids. You can combine both comfort and style by attiring your kids with kicks and joggers.

Kids’ footwear is available in a diverse range of materials and colors. Pick bright shoe colors, not only to make your infants the future style makers but because it catches their attention and keeps them distracted. Choose breathable upper fabric and thick soles to latch on utmost ease for children your while walking.

Metro Shoes: The kid’s footwear hub

Parenthood is an extravagant phase. What adds to the outlays is the added expense of a child. Footwear, like clothing is a basic and inevitable necessity, for both adults and kids. Metro Shoes is a one-stop destination to get comfortable, adequately cushioned and cost-effective footwear for men, women and kids.

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