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princess (

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Shoe Types  
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Princess 54-3716-Antic-gold Party Slides
Princess 54-3797-Black Party Slip Ons
Princess 54-4546-Maroon Wedding Sandals
Princess 54-4546-Antic-gold Wedding Sandals
Princess 54-4546-Rose-gold Wedding Sandals
Princess 54-4492-Gun-metal Party Sandals
Princess 54-4492-Gold Party Sandals
Princess 54-4332-Gun-metal Party Slip Ons
Princess 54-4059-Gun-metal Party Sandals
Princess 54-4059-Antic-gold Party Sandals
Princess 54-3796-Gold Party Mules
Princess 54-3598-Gold Wedding Mules
Princess 54-4057-Gun-metal Party Sandals
Princess 54-4057-Rose-gold Party Sandals
Princess 54-4171-Rose-gold Party Mules
Princess 54-4171-Gold Party Mules
Princess 54-3620-Gold Ethnic Slip Ons
Princess 54-4333-Rose-gold Party Mules
Princess 54-4333-Black Party Mules
Princess 54-4172-Silver Wedding Slip Ons
Princess 54-4172-Gold Wedding Slip Ons
Princess 54-3797-Rose-gold Party Slip Ons
Princess 54-4174-Beige Ethnic Mules
Princess 54-4174-Black Ethnic Mules
Princess 54-3716-Rose-gold Party Mules
Princess 54-4241-Antic-gold Party Mules
Princess 54-4241-Rose-gold Party Mules
Princess 54-4059-Silver Party Sandals
Princess 54-4059-Gold Party Sandals
Princess 54-4022-Antic-gold Ethnic Slip Ons
Princess 54-4022-Rose-gold Ethnic Slip Ons
Princess 54-3797-Antic-gold Party Slip Ons
Princess 54-3388-Black Party Sandals
Princess 54-4207-Gun-metal Party Mules
Princess 54-4207-Gold Party Mules
Princess 54-3916-Antic-gold Ethnic Slip Ons
Princess 54-3916-Rose-gold Ethnic Slip Ons
Princess 54-3328-Rose-gold Party Slip Ons
Princess 54-3796-Gun-metal Party Slip Ons
Princess 54-3820-Antic-gold Wedding Slip Ons
Princess 54-3820-Silver Wedding Slip Ons
Princess 54-3820-Rose-gold Wedding Slip Ons
Princess 54-3900-Gun-metal Party Sandals
Princess 54-3900-Rose-gold Party Sandals
Princess 54-3388-Rose-gold Party Sandals
Princess 54-3598-Antic-gold Wedding Slip Ons
Princess 54-3598-Rose-gold Wedding Slip Ons
Princess 54-3328-Gold Party Slip Ons
Princess 54-3328-Black Party Slip Ons
Princess 54-3080-Gun-metal Wedding Slip Ons
Princess 54-3080-Gold Wedding Slip Ons
Princess 54-2742-Gold Wedding Slip Ons
Princess 54-2468-Off-white Wedding Slip Ons
Princess 54-2468-Antic-gold Wedding Slip Ons
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  1. Princess 54 items
  1. Ethnic 7 items
  2. Party 31 items
  3. Wedding 16 items
Shoe Types
  1. Sandals 15 items
  2. Slip Ons 25 items
  3. Mules 13 items
  4. Slides 1 item
  1. Below ₹3,000 32 items
  2. ₹3,000 - ₹4,000 22 items
  3. ₹4,000 and above 4 items
Heel Types
Heel Height (inches)
Inner Material
  1. Synthetic 54 items
Outer Material
  1. Synthetic 40 items
  2. Diamond 2 items
  3. Zari Work 12 items
  1. Sheet Sole 44 items
  2. TPR 8 items
  3. PU 2 items

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When it comes to women and their love for footwear, it won’t be far-fetched to say that it is beyond definition! Understanding this deep and cherished relationship, the house of Princess brings a stylish footwear range. Not only does it add a little bling to the collection but it’s designed to be one of those must-haves in every woman's shoe-drobe. Thus, staying true to their grounds that special bonds and days demand special accessories!


Amplify the aura of wedding functions


With all the ‘what should I wear for this merriment?’ or ‘I do not have anything special for this last-minute Sangeet invitation!’ – women often forget to give footwear the attention it deserves. This neglect often leads to attires that end up looking nothing more than mediocre. That’s because be it in Cinderella’s tale or in real life, no story is complete without an elegant pair of shoes! 


We know how every woman wants to ooze oodles of charm on her big day. She carefully chooses the cream of the crop attire and fancy sandals for the wedding. But this allure comes at the cost of withstanding unbearable foot ache. Well, not if she chooses to wear Princes Sandals! Available in a variety of heel options and cushioned soles, their styles of bridal sandals have something for every would be’s penchant.


The Indian culture is brimmed with festivities that let you explore the avenue of dressing up. For the times like these, when you want to jazz up, step in a pair of Princess slippers to shine like the star that you are! Be it a Roka amidst your closely-knit family or an evening full of card games and nostalgia, a well-dressed top to bottom you, means enviable and adorable social presence! 


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