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Clarks Shoes — A tasteful blend of design and utility!

In the year 1825, two Clarks brothers set up a family business of selling rugs and slippers made of sheepskin. This business underwent several structural and functional changes until 1893, when they took to selling comfortable footwear; this marked the dawn of Clarks Shoes. Since then, Clarks has been the touchstone for ‘quality’, ‘style’, and ‘comfort’.

Along with the immediate association with attributes such as sturdiness and robust feel, Clarks Shoes have traditionally known to stand out on account of their designer appeal and hand-cobbled look and feel. In addition, since the last 200 years, the Clarks’ designers are always abreast with the latest fads, delivering fresh ideas and setting new trends, making sure these designs don’t give the impression of being dowdy in people’s sights.   

Perhaps the greatest distinguishing factor—the USP—of this brand, however, is its longevity. Most people, who are not far too exacting about the choice of footwear brands, resort to some makeshift brands. However, they later suffer the same fate of resoling shoes every 5–6 months! Clarks has etched its own niche, and retains a steadfast audience mainly because of its durable appeal. The audience is confident that a Clarks pair would go the distance; save for the monsoons, you can use these shoes all year-round.

Metro Shoes, mindful of Clarks world-wide appeal, offers a range of Clarks shoes under its roof. From Moccasins to Lace-ups, as well as simple leather boat shoes, Metro Shoes is your favourite portal to purchase these premium shoes. You’d find a wide range of Clarks offerings in Metro’s physical stores as well as their website. In addition, Metro Shoes uniquely offers attractive schemes such as ‘Free Shipping’, Cash on Delivery, 30-Days Return, and after-sales Customer Support.  For Latest Shoes Sale, visit us on our Shoes Sale page.