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Formal Shoes for Men

Formal shoes are the foundation of a man’s wardrobe. You can have your street style, your funky clothes, and your laid-back outfits. But your closet is complete only with a sophisticated pair of formal shoes. Choose from Metro shoes’ extensive collection of formal shoes for men or pick from a variety of Florsheim, Lee Cooper, Roush and many more exciting brands for men shoes online.


  • Oxford shoes are the most traditional of the lot, featuring a tightly-stitch closed lacing system. Wear them to your most formal events.
  • Derby shoes are the answer to your “what do I wear to an office party?” query. A little relaxed than Oxfords, they make formal feel casual.
  • Brogue shoes are fancy and offer a healthy dose of style to any outfit. Render yourself a fashionista with one of these babies.
  • Monk strap shoes are the nawabs of the shoe lot. The only pair more regal than these would probably be the double monk strap shoes.
  • Loafer shoes toe the line between formal and casual, the difference depending entirely of their construction. Relaxed and comfortable, loafers will seamlessly transform a work mode to party mode.


  • A characteristic feature of formal shoes are the lacing system. Excluding oxfords, which has a closed lacing system, most other shoes have an open and relaxed lacing system at the front.
  • Monk strap shoes are defined by their straps, often more than one in number. They are fastened by metal buckles, an edgy embellishment.
  • Brogue shoes are notorious for being the fanciest shoes, all credit due to the decorative perforations on the front and around.
  • Loafers often come attached with adornments such as tassels, horse-shoe clasp and more.


  • For versatility’s sake, opt for browns. Brown formal shoes can be effortlessly paired by most shades of navy, green, and grey.
  • If the event if on the stricter side of formal, opt for classic black shoes that exude just the right amount of sophistication.
  • Experiment with tan and oxblood if some drama is on your mind. These shoes will help you make an instant style statement.