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Protect Your Feet with Foot Care Products

Hard insoles, sturdy enclosures, and narrowed toe caps can make your feet suffocate in shoes. As a result, you may have to combat a host of issues from cracked heels to dry skin to calluses to foot infections. To help you alleviate the discomfort caused by such maladies, Metro Shoes presents a wide range of foot care products from renowned brands like Scholl and Orthaheel amongst others.

Give your heel extra cushioning with Party Feet Gel heel cushion, tone your gait with Heel and Ankle Stabilizer, stamp-out shoe bites with Leather Liner, protect toenails with Protectors, Deodorize feet with Odour Control Insoles, and keep your feet relaxed and refreshed with Gel based Orthotics. At Metro Shoes, we have the right accessories to enhance the comfort of wearing shoes.

To pamper your feet, we have launched an exclusive range of foot care and pedicure products. Whether you are looking forward to eliminate food odour, alleviate heel pain and bunions, or enhance the smoothness and texture of your feet’s skin, Metro Shoes has specialized pedicure kits, rough skin remover lotions, cracked heel repair cream, hard skin files, refreshing foot soaks, feet deodorizers, and assorted foot care kits. You can choose from a variety of skin care products to keep your feet healthy, comfortable, and fresh throughout the day. Take your time to peruse through the products on this page and gift your feet a rejuvenating experience.